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Subrosa In Atlanta

On the heels of GUTI, Lahsaan Kobza, Joris Coulomb, Simone Barraco, Mark Mulville, Scott Ditchburn, Nick Bullen, Hoang Tran and Kyle Hart got together to take on Hotlanta.



Night Moves

Anything that opens with beach cruisers and some D’Angelo gets my seal of approval… Check out this dope edit of Lahsaan from Shadow… Night Moves!

Shadow in Deutschland

Features Simone Barraco, Lahsaan Kobza, Bjoern Elvering, and Paul Ryan with some real good not-quite-for-the-dvd clips.

Click below.



I can’t have awesome hair like Lahsaan’s, but I can wear his jeans now!! I still doubt that I’d look as cool as him.

Check out his signature jeans and seat HERE.


Lahsaan / Subrosa Edit

The hits just keep on coming!!! Damn. Lahsaan for Subrosa.

Lahsaaaaaan!!! Part 2

Lahsaan Kobza doing it for Shadow pro. Feelin it!


Lahsaan Kobza doing it for Subrosa. Nice.

Lahsaan Kobza / Defgrip / Subrosa

Merry Christmas everyone! Lahsaan Kobza has just been bumped up to the Subrosa Pro team and we are very excited to bring you and exclusive edit, welcoming him to the pro team! To go along with the video, we hit up Lahsaan with a few question about hooking up with Subrosa, what he’s been up to and what we can expect from him in 2011. Check it out!!


Print Ad: Shadow Conspiracy

Shadow just sent through their latest print ad featuring Lahsaan Kobza. Click below to check it out.


Lahsaan Kobza / Shadow

Lahsaan Kobza is now getting flow from The Shadow Conspiracy.

Click HERE for a Q&A and click below for his introductory edit.


Print Ad: Subrosa

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Click below to check out a current What To Text Your Ex To Make Him Want You Back com/” target=”_blank”>Subrosa print ad featuring Lahsaan Kobza, as well as a preview for the next ad featuring Hoang Tran. Can you guess what he will be doing?

Thanks to Ryan Sher.


Autophoto: Josh Hayes

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Check out our latest Autophoto with San Diego’s Josh Hayes. Josh does a good job of documenting the lifestyle down there and we are stoked to bring this to you.

Name: Josh Hayes
Age: 21 years of age
Location: Chula Vista, Ca
Years shooting: 8 years, I started my freshman year in highschool.
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New Skeleton

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Click below to check out Lahsaan Kobza, the newest member of Subrosa’s Skeleton Crew.