Daft Signz

From the guys who brought you “Vans and the Places Where They Were” comes Daft Signz, a new film featuring some of the best sign spinners in LA.

“Every wednesday at a suburban Los Angeles park in North Hollywood, a group of talented individuals come together to create a form of self-expression you may have never experienced before: a mind-blowing synthesis of sign spinning and street dance.”


Verde in LA


Will Stroud was out in LA recently getting some footage of Mike Ardelean and Jesse Whaley for Verde and I came across some photos of the guys on the Ludwig blog. The girls from Tiger Tiger shot them (their first time shooting BMX) and there are some good shots in there. Check a few out on the Ludwig blog and the rest out on the Tiger Tiger blog.

Lova Sample Sale


Lova Design, a clothing company that we’ve posted on before is having a sample sale in LA this weekend. The post we did was on this amazing Super 8 film that they created for their Spring/Summer 08 collection and it is still online. If you missed the short film, or just want to watch it again, you can check that out here and keep reading for all the info on the sample sale.


Crack a Bottle


I like the way this video transitions from Detroit to LA and NY scenarios.



I love Augor’s stuff. Click the pic for a bigger view.

Via – kzergabegallery


Check out this segment on Estevan Oriol, from the Run Up dvd.

Estevan takes awesome photos, mostly based around LA culture (among other things). Check out his site HERE.

David Bellemere

david bellemere photography

David Bellemere’s LA series is driving me crazy. Seriously amazing. David is a fashion photographer and you can see his work on the agency Blanpied Rubini’s anti screen capture site. Check out a few shots from the LA series after the jump.



Click below to check out this fresh (painted this weekend) new billboard by Augor and Pharoe.

Photo is courtesy of KiiD G@B3. Check out more photos on his Flickr page HERE.




I know people hate on Neck Face, but I’m cool with his stuff.

I spotted this is L.A. tonight, and it looks to be a commissioned piece. It definitely stands out.

Click HERE to see it bigger.


Augor, one of my favorite L.A. based graffiti artists/illustrator, has a brand new site up.

Check out some of his stuff HERE.