Kenneth Cappello’s Blog

With a new layout and a random mix of magazine covers and cell phone pics, photographer Kenneth Cappello‘s new blog has held my image browsing attention since I first clicked on the new site yesterday. Checking out a few pages every hour or so, there’s an endless mix of new and old client work, behind the scenes photos, as well as a bunch of old random snapshots of Cappello and his friends and by the time you get 40 pages in, there’s definitely some interesting stuff. While his work is definitely impressive, I’m more drawn to the photos of the photos – seeing the photographer in action – For some reason this has always intrigued me… Maybe this is why I can’t stop looking at Cappello’s new blog?


Kenneth Cappello


You know when you have photos on multiple magazine covers on the news stand at one time, you are doing alright. That’s what happens on a regular basis with Kenneth Cappello. Cappello is a NY/LA based photographer who we’ve posted on Defgrip a few times before. Since the last time we posted on him, he’s added a blog to his site that has become a regular check for me. The blog isn’t updated as often as some people might like, but I almost like it better… Keeps me waiting eagerly for the next post. My favorite part about his blog is the behind the scenes photos… I just love seeing people in their working environment. I think it goes along right with seeing designers work spaces. What sparked this update was a recent posts of a all sorts of behind the scenes shots that you can check out here.

Check out Kenneth Cappello’s blog here.