Keith Romanowski Update

Keith Romanowski always comes through with great work, and just launched a new portfolio site. Check it here.

Don’t forget to check his Autophoto for old times’ sake!


Keith Romanowski hit me up about this edit he did while on the recent Comeup Texas trip.

Here’s the kicker, the edit was filmed with his Leica C-Lux point and shoot camera (10 megapixel) that also shoots HD video. He went ahead and whipped up an edit off the footage, which you can check out HERE.

A Photos Journey


So, David Lang just informed me that this Keith Romanowski photo showed up on the amazing photoblog, Yimmys Yayo, with a rad Defgrip shoutout. David then informed me of how this photo got around. You need to read this. I just copied and pasted David’s email, so check it out after the jump.