Dean Dickinson & The Nude Bowl

NUDE BOWL, dean dickinson, defgrip

“Dean Dickinson” and “pools” are basically synonymous with each other. Proof and Proof. When I saw that he recently rode the historic Nude Bowl, I had to hit him up about it.

Click below for a Q&A and some cool photos from Dean himself.


Behind The Cover: Dirt Ron / Ride #199

ride bmx, 199, dirt ron, keith mulligan, behind the cover

As soon as I saw this Ride BMX cover and the unusual warped film action, I knew it had a story worth telling. Keith Mulligan came through with a very detailed “Behind The Cover” for us.

Click below to read up on it.


Petition to Save the Lawn Trails

The above photo was taken of Keith Mulligan by our own Nuno Oliveira (whose work can be seen here) at our home set of trails just outside Los Angeles. The trails were plowed this morning.

Due to some swift diplomatic power moves by the daddy of the trails, Danny Downey, there is a seemingly solid chance that this spot could come back, only this time as a legitimate riding spot recognized and protected by the city. Which means our friends could all come ride it. Maybe even you guys. All you have to do is sign here. Quickly. Please.

Thank you.

Click below for more photos.



Ride BMX just dropped their 2009 Photo Issue, which has a colorful photo of Rich Hirsch on the cover.

If the cover caught your eye, but you didn’t know why, than you are in luck. I hit up Keith Mulligan with a few questions to find out exactly what is going on with the cover.

Click below to check that out.