KC Badger's Wood

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I thought this was awesome, so I yoinked it from KC Badger's Instagram. KC “wood burned/engraved casino bewertungen all the Dreamline riders names on pine wood slices, also engraved a stump/post game to choose the riders heats”. Cool stuff.

The Nyquist 4 piece bars are classic.


Flying and Fishing

If you were a Defgrip fan back in July 20th of 2011, than you should be aware of KC Badger’s love for fly fishing. If not, then read up bitchezzzzz.

After that, check out the above edit which features KC partaking in both of his favorite pastimes.

On This Date Last Year…

On this date last year, we posted a Q&A with KC Badger all about fishing.

Click HERE to re-visit it or to check it out for the first time.

Q&A: KC Badger is Fly (fishing)

courtesy of the dagger zone

I always tend to be interested in what riders get into outside of BMX (Yes, it is possible to be passionate about more than one thing). KC Badger is a good example of that. If you follow KC on Twitter (or know him personally), than you already know how into fishing he is. I’ve read enough tweets about it that it piqued my interest enough to throw some questions his way. The outcome is pretty personal and gives you a good perspective on where he is coming from.

Click below to check it out. Thanks to The Dagger Zone for the pics.


Group Therapy Art Show

If you are anywhere near Arizona this week, you should check out the Group Therapy art show. Our boy KC Badger has some stuff in there.