Lagerfeld on Luxury

Even though the interviewer looks like Dimitri Martin playing a joke, this interview with Karl Lagerfeld is awesome. And even though he ironically admits to personally avoiding technology during an interview about how great the present (and the future, and technology) is, I think his point about the subjectivity of opinions on time periods in general is on point. Big picture. I like this guy.

Found on the Red Wing blog (bookmark it). Click below for the video.

Bonus: Me dressed as Karl for Halloween 2009.


Chanel “Remember Now”

Remember Now is a short film directed by Karl Lagerfeld to promote the new Chanel Cruise line. The story line – an old rich guy hanging out with a bunch of young models dancing around a partying all nigh… The substance of the film may be very light, but it’s beautifully shot and after watching this who wont want to be in Saint Tropez, living the ultimate luxury lifestyle with beautiful women wearing fabulous clothes… Well… I guess that scenario sounds appealing before you even watch the film. None the less, you should definitely check this out. Beautiful girls, great cinematography, and a cameo with Karl Lagerfeld dressed in an all white suit!