JR / Paris

I just came across the video above, which features JR (and company) doing his thing in Paris. This edit just surfaced recently, but the installation/exhibit/expo is from September 2009. Still new to me though.

I’d freak out if I woke up one morning and saw something like this on my morning commute, haha.

Via – Revok


This is pretty wild. Images of artist/photographer JR’s project have been kicking around for the last few weeks, but I just saw more on Wooster Collective (who are back from break).

In a nutshell, JR essentially covered 2000 square meters of rooftops with photos of the women of Kibera Kenya, with a water resistant material so that the photo itself will protect the houses in the heavy rain season, which I’m sure is helpful. JR and crew also did up the trains too, which is nuts. Click through pics HERE. This stuff is visible from pretty high up too. Nuts….

Via- Wooster Collective