Josef Hoflehner

We posted on Josef Hoflehner‘s photos before when we covered hisĀ Jet Airliner series, but after a re-visit to his site and some time spent on the rest of his portfolio, his work deserves another post. His landscape/cityscape photos are breathtaking and I love the consistency with his colors and contrast.


Josef Hoflehner’s Jet Airliner

josef hoflehner jet airliner

Photographer Josef Hoflehner has a new book out title Jet Airliner. The book is a series of black and white photos shot on Maho Beach right under the Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten, Dutch West Indies. The photos are extremely breathtaking and I couldn’t imagine being at that beach, let alone how loud it would be! (via iconology).

Check out some photos after the jump as well as a few videos of planes landing at the airport!