Kennedy / Barraco / Coulomb / Lisbon

I was born in Lisbon, I like these riders and I was glued to this video. Win-win-win situation for me.

It took me a minute to realize there was no music in this, and then I realized how good of a job Peter Adam did. Nice one.

This was a Nike trip in conjunction with Figure.


Subrosa In Atlanta

On the heels of GUTI, Lahsaan Kobza, Joris Coulomb, Simone Barraco, Mark Mulville, Scott Ditchburn, Nick Bullen, Hoang Tran and Kyle Hart got together to take on Hotlanta.



Photogallery: Chut! Acte II, Journal de Bord

mariejade, alex valentino pic, bmx, chut

The MarieJade crew spent 10 days in Toulouse to film for Chut! Acte II. If you haven’t seen the edit, check it out HERE. They had 7 days of rain (out of 10), but they made do for sure.

Alex Valentino came through with this lifestyle gallery from the trip, so click below to check it out. Shout out to Alex and MarieJade crew.

Photos / Captions by Alex Valentino


Nike Batalla BCN

Alex Kennedy, Simone Barraco, Kriss Kyle, Joris Coulomb, Daniel T√ľnte, Chad Kerley. JUST DO IT!

Joris Coulomb X Season Defgrip Edit

I’m stoked to present you guys with this Joris Coulomb / Season Bikes edit. Cooked up for us by Stephane Karle, and filmed in London.