Multitasker: John Hicks

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John Hicks is next up in our “Multitasker” series. John knows his way around a video camera and knows how to handle his BMX equally as well. Eyeball his Vimeo page for proof.

Click below to read up on John Hicks discussing a few video/riding related topics.

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Fuck it… sometimes you gotta grind a bullet.

Eric Lichtenberger John Hicks Hendrix = good combo


Fuck Yeah Morgan Long!

… and John Hicks. Enjoyed.

That needle thread.

Ralphy Ramos Base Brooklyn Edit

A bit late on this, but it had to be posted. Ralphy Ramos killing it for his Base Brooklyn edit. Filmed by John Hicks and myself and edited by Glenn PP Milligan, Ralphy has some banger clips from NYC, Barcelona, and the Dominican Republic.

Nigel Sylvester X G-Shock

Last month, I spent 10 days in the Dominican Republic with Nigel to film for a G-Shock edit as well as getting some footage for Get Sylvester. While I’m editing the Get Sylvester episode as I type this, the G-Shock edit just dropped! With riding footage filmed by John Hicks, I’m really stoked on how this edit turned out. Always love a nice solid riding video from Nigel. Check it!

Also, if you haven’t seen it, keep reading to check out a dope video that Pharrell Williams posted yesterday with Nigel.


Long Beach by John Hicks

John Hicks always puts in some good work.

Here’s a rad mellow sun-drenched edit based around Long Beach that he sent through. Now I feel like chillin…..

Keep it coming!!!!