John Buultjens’ Haro bike collection

I remember when collecting old BMX bikes seemed a little bit kooky. I always thought it was cool, but I could never quite relate… until people started collecting bikes that I had personally lusted after, saved for, or learned tricks on in my childhood. The very first bike that made me decide that BMX was the best thing ever was the 1988 Haro Sport. I started raking leaves and shoveling snow, and before I knew it it was 1990, the Sport was temporarily gone, and I was buying the world’s first bashguard bike instead — $309 for the complete Haro Master from Frankford BMX mailorder.

John Buultjens is a true Haro loyalist in that his collection spans from the first freestyle bike to the last one Bob Haro designed before selling his company in 1993. And considering how Bob’s bikes are going for multi thousands on eBay these days, I should have raked a few more leaves and bought a few more bikes.

It’s rad to watch how the designs and graphics progress through the years. Take a trip.