Daft Signz

From the guys who brought you “Vans and the Places Where They Were” comes Daft Signz, a new film featuring some of the best sign spinners in LA.

“Every wednesday at a suburban Los Angeles park in North Hollywood, a group of talented individuals come together to create a form of self-expression you may have never experienced before: a mind-blowing synthesis of sign spinning and street dance.”


Vans and The Places Where They Were

I’m definitely one of those persons who takes photos of random automobiles, so I was stoked on this van set from Joe Stevens.

According to the site:
Vans and the places where they were documents surviving custom and conversion vans across the West and examines the dialogue which exists between a van’s design aesthetic and that of its surrounding environment. The project began in 1996 and currently consists of hundreds of images shot on 120 film.

Peep the Van set HERE.