Another Perspective – Joe Rich

The Diggest came through with their third installment of their Another Perspective series featuring Joe Rich. After kicking the series off with Edwin De La Rosa and following it up with Mike Aitken, their list of subjects does not disappoint and their production quality is top notch. Directed by Thibaut Grevet, cinematography by Alex Valentino, and photography from Vincent Perraud the French creative team is delivering what I feel is some of the best content in BMX right now.

Check out the video above and make sure to see the full feature and lots of great photos on their site –

Q&A: Joe Rich VS. Thomas Williams

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I’m happy to present you with the 4th installment in our “VS.” series.

The idea for this series is basically to do an ongoing interview of sorts, where the previous interviewee goes on to interview someone of their choosing. Previously, Jay Roe interviewed Joe Rich, and now Joe has chosen to interview Empire’s Tom Williams.

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Q&A: Jay Roe VS. Joe Rich

jay roe, joe rich, defgrip, interview

I’m happy to present you with the 3rd installment in our “VS.” series.

The idea for this series is basically to do an ongoing interview of sorts, where the previous interviewee goes on to interview someone of their choosing. After Yeagle interviewed Walter Pieringer, Walter then interviewed Jay Roe, and now Jay has chosen to interview Terrible One’s Joe Rich.

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T-1 Spanish Roast

Tom Dugan has parted ways with T-1 to join the Fit team and as a farewell T-1 just released a great video from Spain featuring Tom, Ruben, and Joe Rich.

“As sort of a “farewell” to Tom, we bring you this . . . Tom Dugan and I visited Ruben at home in Malaga back in May of this year. We both happened to be in the UK at the same time, and Spain was just too close to pass up. Ruben always seems to have some new, wild spot that he has been working on. He roped us both in with tales of green valleys, that are home to giant dirt curvatures. Yeah, we had to go see for ourselves. What is it with Malaga and these spots anyhow ?! Thank you Ruben for the great days we shared…”


Catching up with Ruben by Joe Rich

Joe Rich interviews Ruben Alcantara about the back problems he’s experienced over the last few years, the unexpected solution he discovered, and the ways it’s changed his outlook on riding and life in general. Featuring an amazing mix of interview and new riding clips, definitely hit that play button for one of the most inspiring edits of the year.

Etnies Grounded- Part 1

Thanks to Etnies Europe for uploading this onto Vimeo, as I got sidetracked from linking to the original when it went up last week.

So here you go… Part 1 featuring Aaron Ross, Joe Rich & Garrett Byrnes. Time to catch up if you haven’t seen this.

Via – TCU.


empire bmx, colorado, chase hawk, defgrip

A few of the Empire dudes recently went on a filming trip to Colorado for the next Empire video.

Joe Rich shot some photos on the trip and put some words together for you guys, click below to check that out.

Thanks To Tom & the Empire crew.



Here is the second edit of the Andalucia series.

According to Joe Rich:

Fox just posted the second edit I did for them for my Andalucia series. There is no bmx riding in this one, so I’m sure that kids will have a thing or 2 to say. I decided to do one full chapter on this place “El Chorro” because I thought it was amazing enough to support one being done. It was incredible. Truth is, we alll can have some amazing opportunities that come up on trips like this, and its fun to show others what they were.

You should also go HERE, and check out the photo gallery.

Fox in Andalucia


Check out the start of a video series that Joe Rich is working on for Fox. The first video is from a trip Joe and Chase Hawk took to Malaga Spain to meet up with Ruben.

Thanks to Joe Rich for the heads up.

Check it out here!