Q&A: Chris Rye / GO FAST PULL UP

The Jimmy Levan documentary, entitled GO FAST PULL UP, is available now and you should definitely do your best to see it and/or own it. Even more so if you came up being stoked on Jimmy Levan’s riding and persona.

After watching the doc, I wanted to hit Chris Rye (who directed/edited GFPU) with some questions about the project. This is a solid read for sure with PLENTY of info and stories. Click below.


Austin Church Gap Recall

This is true BMX history right here-Jimmy Levan getting the church gap in Austin, Texas done, over a decade ago. In true Props fashion, this isn’t just the segment from Road Fools 1 put online, it’s a re-edited version with a ton of footage nobody has seen before. Respect!

Dean’s Pool Party in Props

P.P.P… Check out Prop’s segment on Dean Dickinson’s Pool Party hosted by Jimmy Levan and make sure to re-visit Nuno’s photos from the session. That looked like such a fun day! (via TCU)


Mike Netley @ Random



EXPN posted a Jimmy Levan video that Dean Dickinson put together, where he talks about various topics.

Click below to check it out.

Pic from Metal Bikes.