Behind The Cover: Shawn Mcintosh Ride #198

198 Shawn Cover

The new issue of Ride BMX is out and features Shawn Mcintosh on the cover with a gnarly double peg. For a little more insight on this shoot, I hit up the one and only Jeff Z for a little behind the scenes info about this day.

Stew Johnson was in town along with Van Homan and Ben Lewis and filming for the next Fit DVD was in full swing. Since we were in LA, it was Shawn McIntosh’s time to shine and he was knocking out clips at a bunch of spots that he had been staring at for months. It was an intense few days of non-stop bangers. On the day Shawn did this ledge, his plan was to do another wild move about 45 minutes south of LA, and if that went well (which it did), then we’d drive up to LA and he’d wrap the day up with the Wilshire ledge.

I was lucky enough to be around the entire time Stew was in town and the grip of photos I got between Shawn, Benny, and Van was pretty nuts—enough to get the ball rolling for interviews with Ben and Shawn. By the time we got to the Wilshire ledge, I knew I had enough photos of Shawn for a full-length feature and this would’ve been the icing on the cake—a cover shot. So I did everything I could to get the best photo possible for a cover. I planned to shoot the photo with my Hasselblad at first, but after trying to compose it and have enough room for the proper cover crop, I knew it wouldn’t work because I didn’t have enough space behind me to move back and using a fisheye for a ledge that size would’ve been ridiculous. So I went with my digital body with a 24-70, pulled out on the wider side and I shot looser than I normally would to allow enough wiggle room for just the right cover crop.

Jeff Zielinski

Behind The Scenes

jeff zielinski, defgrip, autophoto, nuno oliveira pic

Jeff Z Defgrip Original. 2009.

Jeff Zielinski’s Best of 2013 Photo Gallery

Jeff Zielinski's Best of 2013 Photo Gallery

The West Coast BMX photo don just dropped a massive gallery of his favorite shots from 2013. Check a few of my personal favorites below and make your way over to the Ride website to view the full thing.


By The Numbers: Jeff Zielinski

jeff zielinski, bmx, ride bmx, photographer, defgrip

We’ve written down 100 random questions and assorted topics, all of which are unbeknownst to our victims. We will be asking people to pick 20 random numbers from 1-100 and then supplying them with those questions/topics to answer. Who knows what might come up!?!?!

Up next, is the tallest vegan BMX photographer I know, Ride BMX's Jeff Zielinski.



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jeff zielinski, photo, bmx, mike mastroni

I’m convinced that the world is a better place because we have Jeff Z photos. That’s pretty much some sort of scientifically proven fact and shit. With that said, Jeff has re-launched his site with tons of stuff to look at. Eyeball the site HERE.

For more Z, check out the great Autophoto he put together for us in 2010. Also, R.I.P. to the Volvo.

R.I.P. – Jeff Z’s Volvo

I couldn’t believe it when I heard it, but Jeff Z’s beloved Volvo (seen here during better days) has burned down. Yes, with fire. Quite possibly the most ubiquitous, hardest working vessel in California, and possibly BMX. I shot the photo above during one of its many missions. Rest in Volvo Heaven.

According to Z:
So why am I making such a fuss over my car that caught fire and burned to a point beyond repair? Well, for starters, half of the photos you see in the pages of Ride and on this website wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t drive that car to those spots—and the same goes for plenty of video clips as well.

Go HERE to check out a feature we ran on the Volvo. Lots of good info and tidbits.

Go HERE to read about it on the Ride site and click below to check out his bike that was salvaged from the trunk.


Quintin Imprint Project tees

Quintin has released five tee shirts featuring the photographs of the five guys featured in the Quintin / Defgrip Imprint Project shows.

Pictured above is the Jeff Zielinski tee. Click below to see the tees featuring photos by Edwin DeLarosa, Walter Pieringer, Ricky Adam and George Marshall. Better yet, check them out in the Quintin online store.


Defgrip / Quintin Imprint Project – Venice

The Quintin Imprint Project‘s first stop went down in Venice a couple of days ago at the DTA shop. Check out some more photos here, the video here.

Thanks Edwin DeLarosa, George Marshall, Jeff Z, Walter Pieringer, Ricky Adam, Quintin, DTA, and everyone who came and drank Tecates!

Come see installment #2 at the Toast Jam.

RE-UP: Jeff Z Autophoto

Out of the blue, it popped into my head that a re-up of Jeff Z’s Autophoto would be sweet. Between everyone who lives here now or comes through, this almost seems fitting.

Soooo… Just in case you missed it last year, here’s your chance to check out a great Long Beach themed Autophoto from Jeff Z. This was one of my favorites for sure.

Jeff Zielinski Mobile

Anyone who has ridden with Jeff Zielinski or cruised around Cali with him to shoot photos, is familiar with his beloved Volvo. It has transported many people (and many BMX legends), been on numerous missions and has probably been through a lot. For example, I witnessed Eric Lichtenberger’s bike tumble right into the Volvo hard enough to cause some concern last weekend, and Z didn’t even bother getting up from his photo taking position. True BMX mobile right here.

Click below to read up on some facts about the Volvo.


Jeff Z Pushes It A Stop

One of the best to ever do it has a little spotlight over on Push It A Stop, along with some photos too.

If you want more Z, check out his amazing Autophoto, and his Defgrip Original.

Autophoto: Jeff Zielinski

What better way to kick off 2010 than with an Autophoto from Jeff Zielinski?

Without a doubt, Jeff Z is one of the best photographers in BMX and we are proud to bring this feature to you. Jeff wanted to do a “Long Beach, CA” themed Autophoto and has provided us with a good mix of assorted photographs on the subject.

Click through and enjoy. Happy New Year!