Javas Lehn

Javas Lehn is a designer and one of my best friends who I met while we were both working at Superbig Creative in Seattle. Out of coincidence, Javas and I ended up quitting Superbig on the same day. I moved to Vancouver to work for MacNeil and Javas went to work for Hornell Anderson in Seattle. Over the past few years, Javas has got to work on some amazing projects at Hornell, including all the work for the Starbucks VIA packaging and a re-brand for Mammoth Mountain. In another random turn of event’s Javas and I are both going to be taking another big step in our lives at the same time. We are both moving to New York in the next few months (yes, you heard it right, I’m moving to New York). To get ready for the move and look for work in New York, Javas has launched a new portfolio site with a nice edited selection of work, as well as some really impressive photography. You can check out Javas’ site here – as well as his Tumblr and Flickr!