Thanks to Van Homan moving to Japan, I am now aware of photographer Hikaru Funyu. After poking around his Instagram, I felt he’d be a good candidate for a gallery here. Hikaru was down and submitted a bunch of rad pics for me to look through. As I was going through the photos he sent, I noticed he shot a lot at night time, and that seemed like a great theme to me.

Click below to check out the gallery, which I’ve dubbed Night Moves.



I recently approached Van about doing a Q&A about his move to Japan. After all, that is a pretty big life change and interesting thing to discuss. He was down, but also mentioned that he was doing something similar for DIG BMX (which you can read HERE) already. All good.

I still think this topic is interesting and wanted to do something with Van, so I came up with this “1 Through 10” questionnaire thing to tackle this in a different format. Click below to check it out.


Animal in Japan

Stussy X W-Line

A fun little video to promote the new old-school inspired bike from Stussy Japan and W-Line.

Prins Thomas Live @ Sur Bar Kagoshima

Recently been listening to this six-hour (!) DJ set by Prins Thomas recorded at Sur Bar in Kagoshima, Japan.

It seems it was first released in 2007, possibly on this thread?

“just got these recordings back from japan…
recorded at a tiny little bar but with an amazing soundsystem and a crowd of 50 people at the most…
questionable mixing, skipping needles : O
but hopefully something there to tickle your fancy”

Download after the jump.



On a somewhat dismal but real note, the current earthquake/tsunami that’s hit Japan is as much of a disaster as you can imagine. This was the first event of this kind that I happened to catch live on TV as it went down, and it was crazy. Watching water blaze on shore and barrel through towns was a crazy visual. Our thoughts go out to everyone in Japan. has a bunch of photos that touch on all that’s gone down. Check those out HERE.

Nigel Sylvester in Japan

Gatorade has spent many years researching and understanding what goes on in traditional athletes bodies when they are doing their sports. Whether it be hydration levels or information about how their body reacts to the most intense moments, Gatorade and their sport scientists have a pretty good idea about what’s going on with—like I said—their traditional athletes… Action sports on the other hand, that’s a totally different story.

This year, Gatorade’s theme is “Go All Day.” In celebrating that theme, Gatorade wanted to start doing research on the non-traditional sports like BMX, so they hit up Nigel Sylvester, who rides for Gatorade and asked him a pretty crazy question: If you could go anywhere in the world to ride bikes with his friends, where would you go? That’s a very heavy question to ask someone, even Nigel… so after lots of research and different ideas being thrown around, Japan was chosen as the destination! With it’s huge city, amazing architecture, and lots of un-tapped spots, Japan would be the perfect location.

To document the trip, Gatorade invited a few key BMX media outlets, including Defgrip, to go along for the ride. The video you are about to watch documents the trip from the riding and research, to the culture and adventures and to coincide with the video, we will have a photo gallery with a more detailed story going up next week!

Huge thanks to Nigel and Gatorade for putting this trip together and we hope you enjoy the video!


Keiichi Nitta

If you are a fan of Terry Richardson, you’ll like Japanese photographer How To Make My Ex Wants Me Back Yahoo ” target=”_blank”>Keiichi Nitta. One time assistant of Richardson, Keiichi has a similar simple and fun style, with lots of great candids and a really fun collection of Polaroids. If you want to know how to become a professional photographer, just read Keiichi’s bio. “1997-Went to NYC. 2000-Became assistant of Terry Richardson. 2006-Returned to Japan and setup business of photography on my own.” It’s as easy as that folks!


Top 5’s: Ryan Fudger on Japan

A few months back I was invited by Gatorade to fly out to Japan to do some stuff with Nigel Sylvester for Defgrip. I was super excited and couldn’t wait to take my first trip to Japan! Along with me and a few other media people was Ryan Fudger. He was working on a full article for Ride that will be out next month. Fudger and I have known each other for a long time, but some how have never ended up on a trip together. We had a blast and ended up staying in Japan a few extra days to ride and explore a bit more. When we got back, I hit up Fudger for a quick top 5 from the trip, so keep reading to see what Fudger thought of Japan!


Seishi Shirakawa

Seishi Shirakawa is a Japanese photographer who shoots regularly for Monocle Magazine. There’s not much info out there about Shirakawa, but I was able to track down some of his work, mostly photos he’s shot for Monocle. His photos have great poise and really complement the Monocle feel and judging by the quality of his work, I’m sure he has an outstanding portfolio… If only we could see it!


Wonderwall Inc

wonderwall inc interior design

Wonderwall is a Japanese interior design company, founded by Masamichi Katayama in 2000, that has created an incredible catalog of interiors for stores like Bape, APC, Uniqlo, and Collette. They recently launched a new website built by the world renowned digital designer Yugo Nakamura. The new website not only features their amazing retail design, but also showcases a collection of archived furniture and product design.



Hoang Tran (who doubles as an awesome photographer) sent through some photos he took during the recent Subrosa Japan trip. The photos were all shot on film with either a Canon T60 or a Holga. Good stuff.

Click below to check those out.


Subrosa Japan Flipbook

Picture 1

Subrosa has a rad photogallery on their site from their Japan trip.

Check it out at the top of their main page.

Japan in Photos

Japan is on the tip-top of yet to experience travel destinations for me, and this video just makes me want to go there even more. I came across it on Wejetset, which has some amazing travel content in their Magazine. The video above is from a guy name Eric Testroete and you can check out all the photos in individual form on his flickr page.