April/May Photobook

James Wade has posted his photobook for April/May.

Check it out HERE.

December Photobook

James Wade has posted a photobook for December. Check it out here!

Oct/Nov Photobook

Click HERE to check out the latest photobook from James Wade.

September Photobook

James Wade’s September Photobook is up now. PEEP it!

August Photobook

James Wade just posted the August Photobook. Click HERE to check it out.

July Photobook

James Wade’s July Photobook is up now, peep it HERE.

June Photobook

James Wade’s JUNE photobook is up now. Check that HERE.

May Photobook

The May Photobook is up now. Peep it HERE.

April Photobook

James Wade’s April photobook is up now. Peep it HERE.

March Photobook

Check out the March Photobook HERE, courtesy of James Wade.

February Photobook

James Wade’s ongoing photobook project continues. Check out February HERE.

January Photobook

The first photobook of 2010 by James Wade is up. Check it HERE.

James Wade Reppin’

James Wade, who does the monthly photobooks that we post on, has a big feature in the new issue of 2020 Magazine out of Australia. The article focuses on James photography as well as a few other projects and eded up being 1o pages! The best part about it, is James is rocking a Defgrip Quilted T in silver in the opening spread! Congrats to James for the article and a huge thanks for repin’ Defgrip!


December Photobook

James Wade has posted up the December photobook, which you can find HERE.

November Photobook

James Wade’s November photobook is up now. Peep it HERE.