Mini VS. Porsche

Mini is a rad company with a great brand message that makes pretty cool cars (which unlike any car except for the Pruis, totally defy any sort of social classification) based on REALLY cool cars but with clever marketing and childish speedometers. Porsche is a stubborn brand with a proven race history and a flagship model that even beats the G Wagen when it comes to most consecutive years on a single silhouette. In my humble opinion both companies make fun cars and both companies build their modern models based closely on historic classics which is the strongest and purest form of branding.

I respect Mini’s challenge here but I respect Porsche’s rebuttal even more:

“While your challenge seems like a fun and lighthearted campaign, we’ll stick to racing the way we have over the decades. We welcome you at Sebring, Le Mans, Daytona or any other sanctioned race where there is more at stake than T-shirts and valet parking spaces.”

Mini’s second attempt. I like their approach here, poking fun at the modern douchey Porsche driver, but they may fail to recognize the vintage Porsche driver and Porsche’s overall awesomeness.

The real story.

Woody Itson on Jalopnik


Jalopnik is one of my favorite automobile websites mainly because the writing is usually pretty smart and funny, and some of the cars they feature are up my alley. This post has it all: BMX history, a Porsche, and a good laugh.

Check the post here.

Disclaimer: normally I’m not a big endorser of the whale-tail, much less a convertible, but you can’t go stuffing a Trick Star into the back seats of a coupe! Woody’s got to show this thing off.