Who Doesn’t Love Some Chris Doyle?

Earlier this year Chris Doyle made it over to Iraq to do some demos for the troops. We sent a camera with him and this is what he came back with..

Filmed by Chris Doyle
Edited by Will Stroud

Rooftop’s 2010

Rooftop put together an amazing recap video with all the random stuff he’s filmed over the past year. Even though it’s pretty much identical to my life… You know, going to Iraq, skydiving onto tropical islands, etc. it’s cool to watch it from someone else’s perspective… haha. yeah right! This video is so awesome. I’ve already watched it three times. Check it out! (via TCU)


Anthony Napolitan in Iraq: Random iPhone Photos

Anthony Napolitan hooked us up with a bunch of amazing iPhone photos from his recent trip to Iraq. Keep reading to check them out and make sure to click on them to see em full size, especially the panoramas!