7 Apps for Better Phone Photos

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In case you have difficulty browsing iPhone apps or are just too lazy to do so, the folks at Gear Patrol called out 7 photo based apps that could come in handy in THIS feature. I learned about some new ones myself. Really doe, that illustration above is sweet.

Beef up your app quiver young iPhonographer.

Yo Mophie, Get At Me!

iPhone Rothkos


Exactly what it sounds like. All done on an iPhone by Derek Brahney.


iPhone Scrapbook: Harrison Boyce

2012 was a great year for me. I got to travel all over the world, work on some great projects and spent my time with some amazing people. I was going through all my photos to put a gallery together, but ended up having too many for one gallery, so I split them up into two. The first one is all my iPhone photos. I always try to shoot as much as I can on regular cameras, but can never put my phone down and probably shoot twice as many photos on my phone as I do any other camera. I posted a lot of these on my Instagram and Tumblr, but it’s fun to look at them all together in one gallery. Keep reading to check out my iPhone photos and check back for my second gallery sometime this week!


Why not just use a real camera?

Yes. For just $250, you too can have your iPhone look like an optometrists office.

Nothing makes me want to drop more internet acronyms (WTF, LOL, SMH, GTFOOH) than absurd iPhone camera accesories. Are people really buying this shit? I might be mistaken, but we all have iPhones for the ease it provides. Once you start carrying extra bits and/or the thing no longer fits in your pocket, than the purpose is defeated. Right? The fact that an iPhone can already take amazing photos should be good enough, but no, we want more. Even if you already have real camera gear, don’t worry, you too can take a few steps backwards. ROFL.

I know some of you want the dopest instagram photos on the block, but come on. I am willing to give a pass to the cute little wide angles though. BUT THAT’S IT!!!!!!

I’ve never actually seen much of this stuff out in the wild, but there must be a market for it if people are still trying to get stuff like this off the ground.

For me personally, I’ve noticed that I’m using my iPhone in place of my film P&S more these days for casual daily photos, which is pretty interesting. This is partly due to instagram and a few sweet photo apps (which is all I need to get my iPhonography on). I’m guessing some of you are probably in the same boat as well.

Where am I going with all this? Basically, don’t be this guy.

Matty Lambert’s 5 Favorite iPhone Apps

Matty Lambert. When I think of Matty, I for some reason think about iPhone apps and technology based awesomeness. I previously described him as “the tallest, most iPhone app savvy English person I know”.  Could have been the time he shared his wealth with Harrison and I during a dinner at the Nike POOL thing last year.

I asked Matty about his 5 favorite iPhone apps. Click below to see what he chose.


Defgrip X Root Case Contest

We have teamed up with Root Cases, who have been advertising on the site for the past month, to put together a iPhone photo contest and give away a few really dope wood cases iPhone 4 cases that retail for $60! All you need to do is post your best iPhone photo to the wall of the event page on our Facebook. There will be 5 winners, the contest ends on March 14th, and we are only accepting one photo per person.

We are super excited about the contest and can’t wait to see what you guys send in! Make sure to post your photos to the event wall HERE and good luck!

Anthony Napolitan in Iraq: Random iPhone Photos

Anthony Napolitan hooked us up with a bunch of amazing iPhone photos from his recent trip to Iraq. Keep reading to check them out and make sure to click on them to see em full size, especially the panoramas!


Get Perforated.

I’ve been running the perforated INCASE case on my 3G for a while now, and I’m stoked on it. It’s light, sweet looking and has just enough grip without being a bitch to get in and out of your pockets.

Now all you iPhone 4/iPad users can get in on the action too.


Over the last week, a bunch of random triangular illustrations popped up in my Flickr contact updates. Upon further investigation, one of the dudes I follow had a hand in creating an iPhone app for Computer Arts and Computer Arts Projects magazine. The app is called Visualator, and was created solely with Flash CS5 as an interactive showcase for what’s possible with the platform.

I downloaded the FREE app and messed around a bit with the “Triangulate” portion and created the amazingness you see above. Take a screen shot cuz this will be worth millions in a few years. I don’t know if I will be on this app everyday, but it is definitely fun to have and mess with. You can get crazy with it I’m sure.

If you’re a fan of colors/shapes/textures/artsy-stuff-in-general and have an iPhone, check out Visualator.

Matty Lambert: Random iPhone Photos

Click below to check out some random iPhone photos, courtesy of the UK’s Matty Lambert.

Also, be sure to visit Matty’s si How To Get Over Your Ex Boyfriend Test te, NONSTOPVID.


Rooftop: Random iPhone Photos

Rooftop was kind of enough to hook up some random iPhone photos. With all the stuff he gets into, you know this one will be good.


Dakota Roche: Random iPhone Photos

Click below to check out some random iPhone photos courtesy of Dakota Roche!

I knew there would be some sort of Huntington Beach or sunset shot in the mix, and I was right!


Aaron Ross: Random iPhone Photos.

Aaron sent through some quick random iPhone pics, click below to check them out.