Flashback Friday: Artist Q&A’s

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Over the years, we’ve gotten our hands on some great artists and accumulated some interesting Q&A’s. I am a fan of all these dudes, which is why I reached out to them in the first place. These guys are still doing great stuff and you should recognize some of these names by now if you follow the art world. If not, click below to check out the interviews. They are are all worth revisiting.

Andrew Holder

Mark Weaver

Jon Contino

Frank Chimero

Wilmer Murillo


[RE-UP] All Defgrip Originals

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Are you new to Defgrip? Just started checking the site over the last year or 2? Well, time to catch up on some sweet original content our crew have produced. If you’ve been with us since the beginning, there’s no harm in revisiting these again. Either way, we appreciate ya.

Harrison Boyce and Andrew McMullen have sat down with some interesting BMX & NON-BMX characters for video interviews starting back in 2008. These interviews were pretty different for BMX at the time and I think they did a good job at connecting you with these people (I didn’t produce them so I can say that, ha). Subjects include Ruben Alcantara, Cory Nastazio (probably the most talked about Original), Greyboy, The History of Oakley and much much much more…

Click below to check out all the Defgrip Originals. Enjoy!


Olivejuuuuice on Orange Juice


Our boy Nuno has a really awesome in-depth interview up on Orange Juice covering everything from Defgrip, to Odyssey, as well as his personal photography. Check it out!


Nardwuar vs. ASAP Rocky

Not sure if I’ll ever get sick of Nardwuar interviews. Another classic with ASAP Rocky.

Steven Hamilton Interview

An interview with the infamous Steven Hamilton on the Federal website. Check it out.

Interview: Clou Studio

Travis Collier and his friend Ryan Romero have started their own creative studio called Clou and we got together with them to talk about their studio, design, and their home town of Vancouver . Keep reading to check it out!


The Talks

The Talks is an impressive website I stumbled across over the holiday weekend focusing on interviews with some very influential figures in culture. From Mike Tyson to Valentino, there is some serious content on this site, not to mention great photos mixed with a simple and clean website… With all of those elements, it’s hard to go wrong.

“The Talks is a weekly updated online interview magazine. Over the past decade its founders Johannes Bonke and Sven Schumann have met with cultural figures of all kinds. New talks take place while traveling throughout the year. This is the essence of it.”

Check out The Talks here.

Film Boards

Props has a cool feature up on their site where they interview a bunch of BMX filmers who use skateboards to film. It’s a pretty interesting read, and a topic I’ve never really given much thought to.

If you find that interesting, check out our old post about which cameras certain filmers use and why.

Christian Rigal on United

Christian Rigal has been getting hooked up from United for a bit, but they just officially put him on the team and to kick it off, check out an amazing edit as well as a top 3/mini interview with Christian.


Massimo Vignelli Interview

Check out a great interview with designer Massimo Vignelli, the man responsable for the New York City subway graphics, among many other things.


Defgrip Original – Ruben Alcantara

I had the great opportunity to visit Malaga, Spain and stay with Ruben in February. While I was there, I had a few requests to do an Original with him. While the trip was work related I wasn’t sure if I was going to have the time or not to make the interview happen, but right at the last minute before Ruben took me to the airport we sat down for a half hour and made it happen! I’m real happy we squeezed it in!

Ruben is a legend in his own regard, having made a heavy impact of the current style of riding as well as the type of bikes we ride and being responsible for some of the most influential video parts of our generation. Ruben is not only an amazing rider, but an amazing person and I have been a fan since I can remember!


Andrew McMullen Interview

Breaksof10.com hit up Andrew McMullen with a few questions about his photography. You can check it out, along with a bunch of rad shots from Andrew here. They also did an interview with Nuno last year. On an unrelated note, if you want a little hint as to who our next Defgrip Original will be with, see above photo!

Van Homan Interview

The Least Most and new BMX site focusing on original content has a great interview up with Van Homan. So far, only part 1 of 3 is online and there are some epic old Van photos to go with it. I’m super excited to see more from The Least Most and if this interview is any indication of the quality of content they are going to put out, we are in for a great ride!

Check out the Van Homan interview here.

Lee Reynolds Interview


We are very excited to bring you an interview with vert legend Lee Reynolds!


defgrip X #gifgang

Picture 40

Tom Chung, brother of Andy Chung and industrial design student at the Vancouver art school Emily Carr, has been killing the GIF scene lately. With an eye for short catchy video clips, his tumblr blog originalgifs featuring only work of his own creation has proven to be popular on ffffound as well as other tumblr sites of all things GIF.

Hit the jump for some exclusive defgrip GIF creations by Tom Chung as well as a short interview with the man and a tutorial on how to make them yourself.