5×5: Heath Pinter

Heath Pinter has been in Vancouver over the past few days riding and filming, so we took a break from riding some parks yesterday to get a 5×5 interview going. 5 random top 5’s answered on the spot. Check it out!


Q&A: Robbie Morales / Cult DVD

As you may know, the new Cult video is dropping as we speak. The lineup involved is stacked, and I’m anxious to finish this so I can watch my copy.

I threw some quick questions at Rob-O about the project, so click below to read up on that.


Harrison Boyce on Breaks of 10

Our boy Harrison has a good interview over on Breaks Of 10, which touches on a bit of everything that he’s involved with. Check it out!

As an added bonus, check out these amazing comments regarding Harrison on TCU.

Man, that’s a rad pic!!

Chris Polack Interview

Matty Lambert was recently out in Australia where he linked up and filmed this interview with Chris Polack of Rebel Yell. Matty was kind enough to contribute the interview to Defgrip, so click below to check that out.

In addition, I shot  some photos of the Rebel Yell book that Chris sent through for you to check out. It’s dope!

*EDIT – If you are interested in picking up a copy of Rebelyell, Chris just sent over some info that you can check out after the jump.


Interview: Ryan Navazio

Videos are important to any kid whose into BMX, especially when they are first coming into it. They can inspire, open your eyes to new things, have a lasting impression and most importantly, make you want to ride. With that said, the person behind the video is equally as important.

In this case, it’s Ryan Navazio. He is directly responsible (in one way or another) for many of the modern classics you know today. Anything with his name on it, people will check for.

I threw Ryan some questions touching on his early projects, all the way to what he’s got going on now, so click below to check those out. Enjoy!


ESPN Stranger Interview

Tunney just dropped an interview with Rich Hirsch about Stranger over on the ESPN site. It’s a good read and Rich drops a little more insight on what the company is about and what’s going on with it in the future.

Check it out on ESPN.

Aitken on Ride BMX

Mike Aitken has a cool interview up on Ride BMX where he touches on a bunch of topics.

Peep that HERE.

We were lucky enough to have lunch with the Aitken clan yesterday and got to hear some funny stories about his recovery. Everyone was in good spirits and Mike is stoked to be riding, which is all you can ask for.

Andy Jenkins on BMX Society

Steve Brothers has real in depth interview with Andy Jenkins over on BMX Society.

Be sure to check that out and take in some history. While we are on the topic, be sure to check out Bend Press too.

Interview: Ricky Adam

Click below to check out our interview with photographer Ricky Adam.



Etnies has posted up an Aaron Ross interview, with Tony Hamlin doing the interviewing.

Check that out HERE.


Check out this segment on Estevan Oriol, from the Run Up dvd.

Estevan takes awesome photos, mostly based around LA culture (among other things). Check out his site HERE.


sergio layos

I’ve just been informed that the second Sergio Layos interview is up on the Etnies site, along with a rad video.

Check that out HERE.

Defgrip Original – Adam22

A lot of people on the internet talk shit. Most of the shit talkers use fake names, sit at home and never do anything about the stuff they are talking shit on. Well, Adam Grandmaison, or as many of you know him as “Adam22”, is not that person.

Plagued with two straight years of injuries and nothing to do but talk shit on the internet, Adam decided to start a blog called The Come Up, because rather than posting comments and threads in other peoples forums, he wanted to create a voice of his own. After a quick three years, The Come Up has turned into what can easily be called the most followed BMX site on the internet, and Adam has positioned himself as one of the leading voices in the sport. Love him or hate him you can not deny the work Adam Grandmaison has put in and only respect what he has created.


Defgrip Original – Rich Hirsch

Rich Hirsch is someone I was always interested in when I was younger. He was one of a handful of pro’s that were blowing up in the Northwest when I was really getting into riding, and he always seemed to have some sort of project going on. Whether it was a clothing company or a video, Rich knew how to keep himself busy.

Now Rich is still riding, but is looking at life much differently than when I first met him. He started two major brands in BMX that are going stronger than ever – Lotek Footwear, and Fremont Clothing. While his main focus is his companies, he still manages to make the cover of major BMX magazines. Rich is a very interesting person and probably lives his life much differently than you would expect. One thing that has never changed with Rich, is that he’s always got a new project up his sleeve and no matter what it is I don’t think Rich will ever stop surprising us.


Defgrip Original – Jim Bauer

jim bauer video interview art director designer