OMFGco is a group of creative/talented “thing makers” out of Portland, Oregon. Their design agency runs the gamut from print to signage to interiors, all of which looks and feels great. Mathew Foster, Fritz Mesenbrink, and Jeremy Pelley are guys behind OMFGco and I shot them some questions about what they do.

Be sure to click around their site.


Who Is Robert Loeber?

By now, most people within BMX are familiar with The Albion. They either have one, have seen one or they’re fiending to get their hands on one. The quality of the content, combined with a strong and minimal layout makes for a great overall magazine.

…But how about the person in charge of making it look as good as it does? That person is Robert Loeber. He hails from the UK and you may already be familiar with some of his stuff.

I threw some questions his way about a few things, so click below to check it out.


Interview: Brian Kachinsky

If the term “pro-as-fuck” applies to anyone, it’s Brian Kachinsky. When I sent him this interview for example, he hammered out the bare bones of it immediately while in transit to Wisconsin (he wasn’t driving though, that would have been extra impressive/dangerous) on his laptop. But on top of that, BK has a great image, knows how to represent his sponsors well and has the great riding (and brutal slams) to back it all up. Oh, lets not forget about The Bakery

Click below to check out my interview with Brian Kachinsky.

Thanks to Andrew Brady and David Leep for the pics.

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Big Dave

FBM have a lot of history in BMX, and you can bet that Big Dave has been a big part of it. However, all good things come to an end and Dave is moving on from FBM.

ESPN have a good interview with Dave about it all. It’s a good read.

Check that out HERE.

Interview: Tim “Wolfman” Harvey

Tim “Wolf Man” Harvey is one of my favorites. Like all of the world’s most interesting people, he’s multi-faceted and he might fool you if you judge him too quickly. Click below to read our brand new full length interview with him.


Mike Ardelean on Breaks of 10

Wanna know what’s up with Ardelean? Check out this interview on Breaks of 10.

Pete Jaques

Head over to The Union (formerly BMX Union) to check out a cool interview with all-around photographer Pete Jaques.

Eskay Discusses Hip-Hop Marketing

via google images

When it comes to Hip-Hop sites/blogs, Nahright is the only one I check. It’s got pretty much everything I’d need to know about (sans ofwgkta) in one place and it’s easy to view.

Go HERE for an interview with Eskay from Nahright regarding Hip-Hop marketing. It’s a pretty good read.

Interview: Chase Dehart

Going into this interview, I really didn’t know Chase that well personally. I think we’ve only briefly met 2 times at the most, so I was especially interested in throwing him some questions once the idea popped into my head. I’m definitely stoked with what I got back. I think this interview gives you a good all around look into Chase Dehart, and what he’s about.

Click below to check it out.

Thanks to Jon Stars for the photos.


Drew Bezanson: Ride Interview Video

Hit the jump to check out this amazing new edit Ride just released, featuring all the bangers from their interview with Drew Bezanson including the truck driver that was on Ride’s cover.



At Home w/ John Dye

Not familiar with John Dye yet? Well then, 4 Down have you covered with this informative piece ya fuckin mongrel.

Interview: Brian Tunney

Happy New Year everyone! I know it’s the second, but whatever…

We’re happy to bring you our first interview of 2011, with our first victim being Brian Tunney. As you may or may not know, Tunney has been involved in many aspects of the BMX industry. From rider to blogger, Tunney’s been there. So to kick off the year, I asked Brian a little about all these things. Tunney’s awesome.

Click below to read the interview.


BMXMDB / Scott Malyon Interview

The folks over at BMXMDB put together this rad interview with UK legend Scott Malyon. Get into it.

Interview: Justin Kosman

Motivation + Talent + Hustle = Justin Kosman

That little equation pretty much sums up Kosman to me, and I’m sure you will feel the same after reading this interview. He is a behind-the-scenes move maker whose work is very much out front. Unless you avoid all forms of BMX media, there’s a 1000% chance that you’ve seen his work everywhere.

Click below to read the interview, as well as an intro by Gary Young.


5×5: Brett Walker

Brett Walker was on the same trip as Heath, so as soon as I finished up the interview with Heath, I grabbed Brett and ran through 5 random top 5’s with him… Covering Brett’s eating habits along with some Biz stories, Brett definitely came through with a fun interview!