B&W Inspiration


I was going through a bunch of the images I have saved on my computer and ended up putting together a collection of my favorite black and white stuff. Check out all the images after the jump.


All Day Every Night


If you are looking for some more daily inspiration, check out Defgrip contributor Marko Knezevic‘s site titled All Day Every Night.

“Some would consider it a blog site, but A.D.E.N. is a place not so much about talking about ourselves but a place where we can share all of the beautiful things we find on the web and out on the streets”

Check out All Day Every Night here.


clint eastwood apple wisdom

Need some inspirational words, check out this video piece by Andrew Zuckerman on the Apple site. But if you go by Chuck Close’s words and you are looking for inspiration, I guess you are an amateur… “the rest of us just show up and get to work”.

Check out the video here. (also check out the behind the scenes video, pretty cool they shot all these at different locations)