Stabilize Motion

Between sliders and stabilizing products like glidecams, BMX videographers have been going to great lengths to get smooth, steady motion out of their cameras.

But earlier this year Adobe included a new feature in After Effects CS 5.5 called Warp Stabilizer that is pretty startling. Post-production stabilizing technology has been around for a while now, but the improvements made this year seem to be pretty drastic, and there are a few companies fighting this one out. Here are a couple comparisons¬†between AE’s stabilization feature and FC’s Smoothcam for instance. One.¬†Two.

Naturally there is no real substitute for a true steadicam or dolly setup, but this new feature shows potential to be an accessible alternative that BMX filmmakers could make use of. Check out an example video of the stabilization feature above, and hit the jump for a video posted last year that looks to show some of the initial research that went into the technology.

Have any BMX filmmakers out there used this feature on their videos yet? Let us know in the comments!