On Repeat: How To Dress Well

“The only bad part about flying is having to come back down to the fucking world.” How to Dress Well‘s first album Love Remains was probably one of the most played albums in my iTunes over the past year… Since I came across his music via Tri-Angle records, I’ve been enamored by every random track or mix that has showing up online and have been anxiously waiting for his next album to drop. This is quite rare for me because even though I’m really into to music, I’m not one to be super on top of new release or follow artists so closely… So I was beyond excited when I saw on Twitter that How to Dress Well’s new album Total Loss was streaming on Wired.com a week before it’s release… and I’ve been playing it over and over non stop… I don’t really feel qualified to give a review or whatever, I just wanted to share some new music that I’m super excited about (which is pretty rare these days).

Check out the album stream here.