Shawn Stussy

Shawn Stussy Honeyee

There is a great interview on Honeyee with the one and only Shawn Stussy. It’s the first interview that I’ve actually seen in English on Honeyee and I’m excited because hopefully this is the beginning to more features in English. There was also another amazing Shawn Stussy post on Juxtapose with a nice photographic look inside his studio.

Check out the Honeyee feature here and keep reading to check out a few photos from the Juxtapose feature that you can see in full here!


Carhartt in Japan


My friend Eden just hipped me to this feature on Honeyee; a click-through introduction of Carhartt’s line in Japan. Those jeans on page two have been on my body for months, literally. People are starting to look at me weird.

Regarding Carhartt, here’s an interesting piece by Jeff Staple highlighting brands that aren’t quite as cool in the US as they are overseas.

Honeyee Update

Everyone’s favorite website that they can’t read, Honeyee, just got a nice face lift. I’m digging their side navigation, making the site almost feel more like an application than a website. I am really into all the full screen stuff that’s going on lately (on Honeyee and other sites) and I really hope they publish and English version of the site someday…

Check out the new version of Honeyee here.