Hole Shot Issue 6

When I returned from New York, the new issue of Hole Shot zine was happily waiting for me at my desk.  The sixth installment of Hole Shot is dope and the zine continues to get better and better each issue. With a great cover photo by Kyle Emery-Peck, a one sentence Fit Life review, and the price of a mere $5, everyone should pick one up!


Nick Ferreira on Vimby


Today must be Nick’s day because right after I posted the interview with him, Jordan from Vimby hit me up with a link to a rad video Vimby did on Nick. Nick actually just got a job as the online editor for their action sports blog. Nick says he still has to come up with a name for it, but with Nick behind it, you know it will be dope!

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Nick Ferreira Interview


Nick Ferreira is the man behind the Hole Shot zine. We hit him up to ask him a few questions about Hole Shot and how he got started doing zines. Hole Shot is rad and I’m psyched to see where Nick takes it!

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Hole Shot Zine

Nike Ferreira sent over a copy of the third issue of the Hole Shot Zine and I thought I’d shoot a few photos for the site. The Zine is rad and you should definitely pick up a copy. My favorite part is the Dirt Ron fold out poster!! Check out the Hole Shot site and check out the zine after the jump.