Odyssey / SD Ditch Party

Check out this quick edit of Dirt Ron, Hoang Tran, Tom Perry and Kyle Hart shredding a San Diego ditch, while showing of some new Odyssey shirts.

Hoang Tran / P.O.T.D.

Our boy Hoang Tran will be taking over the Photo of the Day on the sidebar for the next little while. Keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks to Ryan Sher for his duty.

Ewen Chias Live Internet Income

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Here’s an edit the Subrosa dudes put together in Seamus’ warehouse.

From Ryan Sher:
Here’s a little warehouse edit we did on the G.U.T.I. trip to North Carolina. It’s also the same trip as our “Disposed”, and the Ride BMX article. They’re Seamus’ ramps in his parents barn. He also has a 3 legged goat there. The edit features Hoang Tran, Scott Ditchburn, Miles Rogoish, Seamus McKeon and myself.

Tom Perry Summer Edit

Always stoked on some Tom Perry. Wow.

Filmed by Tom and Hoang.

Hoang Tran @ Random


Hoang Tran / Estonia

Hoang Tran refers to Estonia as an “awesome arctic tundra of a city”. He was kind enough to hook us up with some of the photos he took while checking the place out during his Simpel Session trip.

Click below to check those out.


Print Ad: Subrosa ft. Hoang Tran

In December we previewed what could only be a crazy ass Subrosa ad featuring Hoang Tran. The actual ad is out now and it definitely lives up to our expectations. The photo was shot by Ryan Fudger on a “Get Used To It” filming trip to Japan and I can’t wait to see the footage from this!


Albert Mercado Winter Edit

Albert Mercado has a great feature and edit up on the Shadow site. With a cool bio written by Hoang Tran along with some dope photos, and a crazy caveman roof drop ender, there’s no reason you shouldn’t check this out. You can see the photos, edit and bio on the Shadow site and you can also check some photos and the edit after the jump.


Print Ad: Subrosa

Subrosa, ad, bmx

Click below to check out a current What To Text Your Ex To Make Him Want You Back com/” target=”_blank”>Subrosa print ad featuring Lahsaan Kobza, as well as a preview for the next ad featuring Hoang Tran. Can you guess what he will be doing?

Thanks to Ryan Sher.


Raptor Pit


“Observations of the development of identity, the eccentricities of human experience, and the methods in which these elements are manifested within our immediate environments.” That is the quote on the top of Hoang Trans new photo blog – Raptor Pit. Hoang has had the blog going for a week or so and has already uploaded some great shots in there. Hoang is a very talented guy on and off his bike, so make sure to check his site on a regular basis because I know you’ll see some great work!


Autophoto: Josh Hayes

kyle hart, josh hayes, autophoto, defgrip

Check out our latest Autophoto with San Diego’s Josh Hayes. Josh does a good job of documenting the lifestyle down there and we are stoked to bring this to you.

Name: Josh Hayes
Age: 21 years of age
Location: Chula Vista, Ca
Years shooting: 8 years, I started my freshman year in highschool.
Related: jmhimagery.com


Hoang Tran X The Come Up Exclusive

hoang tran subrosa the come up exclusive edit

Hoang Tran and Subrosa put together an exclusive edit for The Come Up. Like usual Hoang kills it and what more can you ask for on Thanksgiving than some turkey and a good web video!

Check out the edit on The Come Up.


dirt ron, nosepick

Tom Perry came through with his take on an @random, click below to check it out.



Hoang Tran (who doubles as an awesome photographer) sent through some photos he took during the recent Subrosa Japan trip. The photos were all shot on film with either a Canon T60 or a Holga. Good stuff.

Click below to check those out.



Hoang Tran. from the plane to Ob from Josh Hayes on Vimeo.

Check out this Hoang Tran/SD edit that Josh Hayes put together and sent through.

While you are at it, be sure to check out Josh’s photo site HERE, which has a bunch of great work.