The Civil War in Photos

The Atlantic has an amazing three part series (part 1, part 2, part 3) showcasing the photographs of the civil war. It’s pretty incredible how crisp and clear some of these images are, keeping in mind that they were taken 150 years ago.


Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

What can be said that hasn’t been said already. It’s tragic that he died at such a young age and the first thought that went through my head when I heard about him passing away was… He can’t die yet, he still has so much to do!

To be alive and experience what Steve Jobs has done for the world first hand has been pretty amazing and it gives me chills to sit here and look at my desk, staring at all the products he has created that have enabled me to do what I do and help me create a life for my self that I love. Steve Jobs will be deeply missed and his effect on the world, not just with technology, but with his design sensibility and taste will last forever.

The internet is going to be filled with Steve Jobs related stories for the next while, but a few that I have really enjoyed so far have been a full documentary posted on Wanken, an interactive timeline from New York Times, and a video timeline from CNN.


The Selvedge Yard

If you haven’t yet, you should spend some time on The Selvedge Yard, a source for some great visual inspiration as well as actual information. While so many people are just focused on the visual side of inspiration and very rarely write anything to correspond with the images, let alone credit or caption the photos, the Selvedge yard does the opposite. With great posts like Andre The Giant Among Men and How Carroll Shelby Beat Ferrari, your day will easily get sucked away.


Made For Skate


Another dope referral from Jason Eichhorst. I haven’t see this book yet, but judging by the click-through preview it’s incredible. The history of skate shoes goes further back than you may think, and this book catalogs all of it up to the present.

Go here to check it out.



Turn on your TV and watch some history in the making.

Mercedes-Benz Design History


Keeping on the subject of the world’s first, and baddest, automaker… a few weeks ago Selectism posted this short and sweet summary of Mercedes-Benz design history from Wallpaper* by Jonathan Bell. The article is great but the photos are even better.


“Mercedes’ key reputation rests on its saloon cars, traditionally deemed to hide over-engineered excellence beneath sober surfaces and straitlaced proportions.” An excellent philosophy applicable to almost everything in life, in my opion.

View it here.


Impressive evening.