Crate Diggers: J Dilla

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The latest episode of highlights the late J Dilla, one of the most respected producers in Hip Hop. Obviously Dilla is no longer with us, so they got his mom and other notable people to tell his story. They dig into his record collection, talk about his ways etc.. It”s a good watch.

Click below to check it out.


Ironman Reissued


Ghostface Killah’s Ironman, which was his first solo album released in 1996 is being rereleased by Get On Down. This album is a classic and has left an enormous footprint on hip hop.

Click below for more about the package.



Damn… this is sounding like some vintage Nas right here.

Stripped down + Non-Robot Sounding beat = Win.

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Eskay Discusses Hip-Hop Marketing

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When it comes to Hip-Hop sites/blogs, Nahright is the only one I check. It’s got pretty much everything I’d need to know about (sans ofwgkta) in one place and it’s easy to view.

Go HERE for an interview with Eskay from Nahright regarding Hip-Hop marketing. It’s a pretty good read.

CLAMS CASINO — Instrumental Mixtape

12 BEATS BY THE GENIUS PRODUCER OF LIL B’S “I’M GOD”, “I’M THE DEVIL”, “MOTIVATION”, AND “REALEST ALIVE”. Hailing from New Jersey Clammy Clams dropped his free instrumental mixtape to the cyber world a few days ago and honestly I’ve listened to nothing else since. Even if ‘rap’ isn’t something you care about… musically… these are all really compelling pieces of work that should be given some thought.


For full effect light a j, download this shit, slap it on your pod, and ride your bike better than ever before.


Baseline Studios: R.I.P.

Baseline Studios in NYC (home to countless hip hop classics) is shutting its doors.

Photographer Alexander Richter was on hand to take some photos of the place before it all gets packed up, which you can check out HERE.

Also, click below to check out a 2 part interview with Just Blaze discussing Baseline and more.




Pac Div – Church League Champions. Feeling this.

Get your DOWNLOAD on.


New DOOM is out today, gonna pick it up later. Hope its good.

Joaquin Phoenix as a Rapper


Many of you have probably heard that Joaquin Phoenix has officially retired from acting and has taken up rapping. And why not? The live recording doesn’t sound so hot, but if you’ve ever watched live hip-hop then you know that live hip-hop is usually terrible, even when performed by the greats. From what I can tell, Joaquin’s beat sounds nice and the flow sounds interesting, so who’s to say that it won’t sound more polished when Diddy gets done with it?

Here is the story and video of the Joaquin Phoenix hip hop performance.