Mutiny YouTube HD

I hadn’t really checked out the new YouTube HD stuff until just now. Gaz from Mutiny just hit us up to spread the word about their new YouTube page, where you can watch all their videos in HD quality… It took me a second to figure out how to watch in full quality, but once I clicked on that little button, it all made sense.

I still like Vimeo more, just based off their site design and video player, but it will be interesting to see how HD on YouTube will change things… I’ve always said we’ll talk about watching shitty quality videos in a small box, like our parents talked about watching black and white TV and the days of full quality/full screen HD for everything are quickly coming! By the way, does anyone use Flickr Video?

I guess I kind of got off the Mutiny topic, but make sure to check out their YouTube page because they have put together some amazing videos over the past few years, and even if you’ve seen them all, check em out again… They are just that good!

Check Mutiny on YouTube here.

United Down Under Retrospect

United just posted a new edit from their Australia trip. The tour had Corey Martinez, Nathan Williams, Kye Forte, Leo Forte, Ryan Metro on board, and this HD remix features unseen footage, the cream shots,
and is available for iPod and even Apple TV!

Check it out on the United site.

Nikon D-90 SLR 24p HD!

This might be old news to some people but I just found out Nikon just released a 12.3 MP SLR and it shoots 24p HD movies! From the example footage I see here I am really impressed, obviously you shoot through 35mm lenses so that opens up all the doors, how convenient!  the only thing that I’m curious about is audio. Plus its neat to see riding footage at a Seattle spot even!