Verde Hawaii Trip

Daaaamn! I feel like going to a luau now.

Here’s Dave Thompson, Brian Yeagle, Kevin Kiraly and Justin Burns laying down the moves in Hawaii.

Via- @verdebmx

Photogallery: Mike Leask Hawaii

My good friend Mike Leask, Chris Martindale’s cousin, and a great photographer who had an Autophoto on Defgrip back in 2007, spent the last year+ living in Hawaii, shooting photos, and surfing. He just moved back to Seattle this past month, but while he was there, I kept hitting him up to see some photos. Aside from some random point and shoot stuff, Mike was only shooting film and hadn’t really developed many rolls. I knew he had some amazing stuff and I really wanted to get a gallery going, so after a few months of me badgering him, Mike sent all his film off to the lab and came back with this great selection of photos!


United in Hawaii Exclusive

United Bike Co. took a trip to Hawaii a few weeks back and just hooked us up with an exclusive edit and photogallery from the trip! Keep reading for all the goods!!


United Bike Co in Hawaii

United Bike Co. just finished up what looks like an amazing trip to Hawaii. They updated their Facebook page with a bunch of photos during the trip and when you are sitting at a computer all day when it’s 40ยบ (I know it’s not that cold, but you get the idea) outside, the photos really made me want to jump on the first flight to Hawaii and put some time in at the beach!