Get Sylvester Episode 1 Barcelona

The first episode of Nigel Sylvester’s new series ‘Get Sylvester’ just went live! I have been working with Nigel on this project for a bit and am super excited for everyone to get to check it out. This is just the first episode of 10 that we will be working on over the next few months and we have a lot of awesome stuff in the works.

To kick the series off, the first episode documents a trip we took to Barcelona to film an edit for Beats by Dre (that will be dropping on Thursday). Check out the first episode above, make sure to subscribe to the series on Nigel’s youtube page, and if you missed any of the teasers check out all three of them after the jump!


Get Sylvester

Super excited about this new project I’m working on with Nigel Sylvester. It’s a part of the new content that Youtube/Google have been working on with Network A. We have some great content planned and I can’t wait to start getting the episodes out. It’s not going to be a typical reality show, but more an on-going day in the life with Nigel. Super raw and curated.

This is the first teaser for the series with some random clips from our nights out in Barcelona last month. Big shout out to Fernando for showing us such a good time out in Barcelona! Keep an eye out for a few more teasers over the next week or so on Nigel’s YouTube channel.

The School Yard

Click below.



Our boy Harrison Boyce cooked up a bunch of promo edits for Animal to showcase their new line.

In case you missed it, check out the look book that Edwin shot HERE, and click below to check out the rest of the edits.


Harrison Boyce on Breaks of 10

Our boy Harrison has a good interview over on Breaks Of 10, which touches on a bit of everything that he’s involved with. Check it out!

As an added bonus, check out these amazing comments regarding Harrison on TCU.

Man, that’s a rad pic!!

Quick 605 Ditch Edit

Last week I was in L.A. working on some projects with Chad Moore and during our down time we got to chill with Nuno and Mike Ardelean. It’s always rad when a bunch of us from Defgrip get to meet up and we made the best of our time together by riding some chill spots and eating at some dialed restaurants.

I didn’t really have any intentions on filming anything or putting an edit together, but I ended up messing around with some shots at the 605 ditch and threw a quick edit together last night. We all met up at Odyssey and headed to the ditch… It was Jim Bauer, Nuno, Ardelean, Luis Pinzon, Maicol Chaves, Ryan Quinones, Chad Moore and me… The edit is super short, with a few clips of Chad, Mike and Jim, but the session was dope. Nothing better than riding with your friends at a quiet spot on a sunny day!



It’s Harrison Day!!!

Our boy has a rapid response on DIG, which you can check out HERE.

Macneil Tour

H-Boy (otherwise known as Harrison Boyce) is on the road with the Macneil crew on their Eastern Canada Tour, and keeping daily updates on the site.

Be sure to check that out HERE, or you can also keep up through Twitter.

Follow me while you’re at it.

Weekly Check In with Mike Ardelean

mike ardelean

Want to know what Mike Ardelan’s been up to? Check out a Weekly Check In with Mike on our friend Matt Rubin’s site. I had a Weekly Check In a while back and our boy Jeff Hamada from Booooooom just had one the other week… Let’s campaign to get the whole Defgrip crew Weekly Check In’s!!

Check out Ardeleans interview here.

But It Does Float

but it does float image blog

Matt from Rsrvs has some of the best Twitter updates out of anyone I follow (aside from Shaq). I started to update on Twitter sometime last year and I was real into it for a while, but just kind of got over it. I didn’t really get the whole idea, I wasn’t following many people and I didn’t have many friends on it at the time. But over the past month, I’ve been getting way into it. for the past three or so months, I was getting way more people following me and it seemed like I should give it another shot. One big thing was downloading TweetDeck, a desktop app that manages all your twitter updates, replies, direct messages, searches, etc…

It’s interesting to see how different people use Twitter. I know Adam from The Come Up is working on an update about all the BMX pros who are on Twitter and I’m pretty excited to see how that turns out. But Matt from Rsrvs uses it as a blog most of the time. Here and there he has standard updates about what he’s up to, but he mostly drops rad links. One that he posted last night was a link to an endless scrolling image blog titled But It Does Float. I’ve been saving images off the site all morning and thought I should pass on the link.

If you are on Twitter, check me out here. We are going to get a Defgrip account going soon, just trying to get the username “defgrip” from someone who’s squatting on it… If the person who has the name on twitter is reading this, hit me up! I’d be psyched to get the name from you!

And finally, check out But It Does Float here.

Shoe-G Interviews Harrison


Shoe-G hit me up with a few questions for his blog about design, BMX, Defgrip and MacNeil. Check it out here.

Nike Make Something

Right before I headed down to LA for the Nike Lightning Bolts show, Sierra from Nike hit me up to see if I’d be into hosting a Nike “Make Something” class at the Montalban Theater a few days after the show. I was super psyched because I had just seen a bunch of videos on their Sportswear site with artists like Kaws and Mike Mills hosting classes and also because they wanted Bob Haro to do the class, but he couldn’t make it, so they asked me!

I wanted to figure out something really cool to do for the class and with having no teaching experience, I was stressing about putting together something fun, but also teaching something that had substance and knowledge that the kids could take with them when they left the class… After going over a few different ideas, I ended up teaching the kids how to stencil.


Black Lodges Best/Worst of 08

Steven Vogel from Black Lodges just put together a pretty serious best/worst of 08 feature on his site. The feature is split into two sections and he hit up a lot of really intersting people. Somehow I made my way in there and you can check out what I have to say in the second part.

Check out the feature on Black Lodges here.