Directed by Harrison Boyce
Directed by Daniel Navetta

Check out this rad personal project from our dude Harrison Boyce and his friend Daniel Navetta.

“Daniel’s dad Pete grew up just a few blocks away from where I live now in Brooklyn and has been drag racing for 50 years… starting with illegal street racing in his younger years to spending every weekend he can in the summers out at the track. Daniel and I spent a day with Pete out at Island Drag Way in Jersey, filming and talking with Pete. We each put together our own edits, sharing the footage that @tyhaft and I shot…. which turned into the first segment of what will be an on-going series called “The Dual” – Harrison Boyce

The Harrison Boyce Alternative


Alternative has teamed up with Defgip’s very own Harrison Boyce to create a capsule of Organic Pima Cotton T-shirts featuring Harrison’s photography.

If you’re in NYC this Thursday 6/19, come by the shop and have a drink with us to celebrate, and see some more of Harrison’s work.

If you’re elsewhere in the world, check this conversation with Harrison about the capsule.


Not since the days have I actually sat down and spent a lot of time putting a personal portfolio site together. I’ve always just whipped something together out of necessity, but this latest rendition of my portfolio changes that. The site is broken up into three sections, film/photo/stories… The film section is pretty similar to my last site, but I’m super excited about the photos and stories section. I’ve been shooting photos forever, but have never actually put a real portfolio together. It has been a lot of fun digging through my archives and organizing all my work into specific galleries. The stories section is where I’ll be posting all my personal work from now on. I’m always doing random projects on my own and am looking forward to having a home for them.

Check it all out here!

Scrapbook 2013 – Harrison Boyce


It’s crazy that 2013 is already behind us and as the year comes to an end I always have fun looking back at my photos over the past twelve months. I was able to do some pretty incredible stuff over the past year and see some pretty incredible places and I can’t wait to see where this year takes me. To kick 2014 off I put together a collection of photos from last year shot on various cameras. I really felt like I spent a lot of time thinking about my photography, trying to figure out what type of photographer I am and hopefully that translated into my work. Out of everything I did, I still enjoy roaming around the streets on my own with my point and shoot snapping photos of all the random stuff that catches my eye.


Grey Goose Dry Martini

Directed by our very own Harrison Boyce, here’s a well-presented bit of cocktail knowledge that could come in very handy on this particular evening.

Happy New Year everyone.

French Montana

A new piece I did on French Montana for Dazed and Confused just dropped today. It was rad to get to chill with French and I had a great time putting this piece together. I shot with him for a few days in New York, in the studio, at a photo shoot, at Hot 97, and rolled around in his Ghost… Check it out above and keep reading for a few photos from the shoot.


The Bridge

I always have a hard time posting about my self, but this is a project that I’m super proud of and very happy to finally be able to share it with everyone. Over a year ago I was at home browsing Netflix and I came across a documentary by Ken Burns about the Brooklyn Bridge. I didn’t have anything else to watch that night, so I threw it on and ended up getting super inspired.

I think the two main things that really got me thinking was that I ride/walk/drive over the bridge all the time and never really take the time to look around and really think about the bridge it self… and also that I grew up on the west coast (in Seattle) in such a new area that there wasn’t really anything that old, or historic… and the fact that I now live really close to this massive structure that was basically hand made in the 1800’s and I didn’t even really think twice about is kind of crazy. For everyone who lives outside of the states and is reading this… yes, I know you have buildings that you probably live in that were built in the 1300’s and that is just nuts… but back to the topic… Essentially, I watched a documentary about the Brooklyn Bridge, woke up the next day, grabbed my camera and went and shot a bunch of footage.

I didn’t really have a plan for what I was going to do with the footage, but a few weeks after I shot it, I ended up scanning through the clips and throwing a rough edit together. The first cut I used Pink Floyd’s “Cluster” and some voiceover’s from the Ken Burn’s doc… I ended up throwing it up on my Vimeo and sending it to a few people… I had done a project for Nowness before and they were one of the people I sent it to. They hit me back saying they loved it and really wanted to use it… But that I’d need to get clearance for the voiceover and music. This is where I got caught up and essentially had “writers block”. A few months had actually passed from the time I put it together and sent it to Nowness and by this time I was really attached to the piece in it’s current form. It was super hard for me to take it apart and figure out new music and a new voiceover…

Months went by and I kept trying different royalty free tracks and trying to figure out what I could do for a voiceover. I ended up working on a project with Fisher Steven’s who I got connected to through my friend Zach Sky and while we were at my place editing, I showed Fisher The Bridge piece… I told him how I was trying to figure out what to do with it and he offered to do the voiceover… Crazy. Now that I somehow ended up with an Oscar winner narrating my piece, I knew I needed to do something more than just finding some bad royalty free music. Luckily I grew up in a family of very talented people and happen to have a brother who’s an amazing musician. I sent him the video and he wrote an original track that he recorded with his band Song Sparrow Research and I finally had all the pieces in place.

The film went online this past Monday and I couldn’t be more blown away by the amount of great response I gotten. Huge thank you to everyone who’s watched it and even bigger thank you to everyone who help me in any way.

Photogallery: Trippin Thru Europe


Nigel Sylvester just released his second signature watch with G-Shock and to kick off the launch, Nigel put together a quick tour through Europe, properly titled #Trippinthrueurope. The plan was to start in Tallinn Estonia at Simple Session, then head to London for a few days, from London to Paris, then spend the last weekend in Warsaw, Poland.

The trip consisted of Nigel, his manager Hawaii Mike and myself. The whole thing went by super fast and I’m not sure if we slept for more than three hours each night. We really tried to cram as much in as possible and even though we barely had any time to ride, we had a really great time. Huge thanks to everyone we got to meet up with on the trip and hopefully I’ll get to go back to all of these cities again and spend more time exploring and seeing everyone.

The photos in the gallery are in no particular order. I was filming most of the time and I didn’t get to shoot as many photos as I would have liked, but I did manage to capture a few moments. I shot the most in Warsaw when we spent the day walking around the city. It’s so crazy to me that the entire city of Warsaw was completely destroyed in World War II. So tragic.

Hope you enjoy the photos and keep an eye out for a video from the trip. Big thanks to Nigel and Hawaii Mike for such a great trip!


Scrapbook 2012: Harrison Boyce


Here’s the second part to my 2012 gallery… I posted a bunch of my iPhone photos last month and this is the follow up with all of my other photos that I shot through out the year. Just a bunch of random photos from my various adventures through out 2012. Thanks so much for all the positive feedback on my iPhone gallery and I hope you enjoy these photos!


Harrison Boyce’s Kit!


Well, if Harrison is gonna post on me, I’m gonna post on him!

Hit up the newly re-designed DIGGEST site to check out a detailed breakdown on Harrison’s gear (above).

Are we internet famous?

iPhone Scrapbook: Harrison Boyce

2012 was a great year for me. I got to travel all over the world, work on some great projects and spent my time with some amazing people. I was going through all my photos to put a gallery together, but ended up having too many for one gallery, so I split them up into two. The first one is all my iPhone photos. I always try to shoot as much as I can on regular cameras, but can never put my phone down and probably shoot twice as many photos on my phone as I do any other camera. I posted a lot of these on my Instagram and Tumblr, but it’s fun to look at them all together in one gallery. Keep reading to check out my iPhone photos and check back for my second gallery sometime this week!


Nigel Sylvester – Perfect Moment

Here’s Nigel Sylvester’s latest Gatorade commercial, which was masterfully put together by our boy Harrison Boyce.

Click below to check out some behind the scenes pics from the shoot.


Jeff Kocsis and Chris Silva

MacNeil posted a gallery a few days ago with some photos I shot of Jeff Kocsis and Chris Silva. They came and crashed at my spot for a few days and we ended up cruising around the city enjoying the nice weather. Keep reading to check a few photos and click here to see the whole gallery.


Wild is the Wind

Wild in the Wind is a new project I worked on with Chad Moore for Dazed and Confused. Chad shot the photos that are featured as an editorial in the October issue of Dazed and I shot a film to go along with the article.

Super happy with how the whole project turned out and it was great to work with Chad! We’ve been friends for ages (I actually met him at Woodward when he was a camper and I was working there almost 10 years ago). Keep reading to see the film and the rest of the photos and check out the whole thing on the Dazed site.


Mike Hoder

Here are a couple random photos of Mike Hoder from last week. Nothing better than a late summer day in New York with nothing to do but cruise around the city.