Greyboy’s Brubaker Box

Check out this rad little piece featuring our boy Andreas Stevens (AKA Greyboy) and his Brubaker Box van, which is a wild old van that I’ve never even seen before until Greyboy got one. Enjoyed this.

Thanks to Povah for the link.

[RE-UP] All Defgrip Originals

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Are you new to Defgrip? Just started checking the site over the last year or 2? Well, time to catch up on some sweet original content our crew have produced. If you’ve been with us since the beginning, there’s no harm in revisiting these again. Either way, we appreciate ya.

Harrison Boyce and Andrew McMullen have sat down with some interesting BMX & NON-BMX characters for video interviews starting back in 2008. These interviews were pretty different for BMX at the time and I think they did a good job at connecting you with these people (I didn’t produce them so I can say that, ha). Subjects include Ruben Alcantara, Cory Nastazio (probably the most talked about Original), Greyboy, The History of Oakley and much much much more…

Click below to check out all the Defgrip Originals. Enjoy!



francis delapena



Yesterday we witnessed our boy Francis ride off Greyboy’s roof. I guess it’s pretty cool to say you rode a respected house that was on the cover of Dwell.

Here is the video of it courtesy of Ben Ward.

Live Greyboy


Greyboy is spinning live today and the whole Warchruch turntable crew should be showing up soon! Warchruch is just a big jam at Greyboys house where him and his friends all jump on turn tables and spin some rad music. “funky beats and breaks spanning all musical genres, but focusing on funk, soul, jazz, and hip hop. special guest d.j.’s and artists will be appearing soon…” If you are on the computer today and need some good music to listen to, you should definitely check it out! We’ve got the feed embeded after the jump, or you can go to their page and get in the mix!

Check it out after the jump – READ MORE

Defgrip Original – Greyboy



Greyboy Live Video Stream

Greyboy’s at it again, with more live video from his house. They are streaming live right now, so check out some good jams after the jump. It looks like they’ll have a bunch of people spinning round the table soon and who knows what will go down. You can go here and do some live chatting with them as well.


Hercules Sidehacks Promo

Greyboy just hit me up with this dope promo for Hercules Sidehacks. Greyboy and Truly Odd have been killing the side hacks for a bit and this video is solid proof! The slowmo around the corner looks so good… I have had the chance to ride one of their hacks and the feeling you get railing a corner on one of these things is like nothing you’ve felt on your bike before. I’m really into this little promo and I can’t wait to see more sidehack stuff from these guys!

Check out video afte the jump – READ MORE