Best Ax Throwing Ender, Ever.

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Sam Lowe, Taylor Elvy and Greg Flag getting down in Vancouver Island, BC during a week long getaway.

Click below for the video and go HERE for the photo gallery.


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The latest print ad from MacNeil for Ride featuring Greg Flag.

MacNeil Alley Edit

A quick edit from MacNeil with Greg Flag and Taylor Elvy.

Photogallery: MacNeil North East Tour

A few months back the MacNeil team headed out to NYC to kick off a two week long tour. It had been years since the MacNeil team hit the East Coast and we decided to break up the trip into two cites. Boston and New York. Everyone flew into NYC and since the weather showed rain for the next week, we drove up to Boston to spend the first half of the trip. Boston was amazing and we rode so many dope spots. One of which was a random High School that ended up being about 20 yards from our hotel that some kid in a grocery store told us about… Huge thanks to Chris and Matty Long for all the other spot tips! After roaming around the city and suburbs for a week, chilling with Lino and the 90 East crew, and riding non-stop, we took a drive back down to New York.

We ended up stoping in Rhode Island for bit on the way back to NYC. We rode Brown University and got kicked out for hanging out in the grass, messed around at the capitol building (or what looked like some sort of capitol building), and watched Chris Silva drive himself to insanity trying some stuff on a flat rail.

Once we got back to NYC we returned the rental van and spend the rest of the trip pedaling around. Most of the guys on the team hadn’t been to New York before, so we spent our first day pedaling everywhere… From Brooklyn to Battery Park up to Time Square and back to Brooklyn. The week in NY feels like a bit of a blur, probably due to the fat that I live here and it’s always weird to be on a road trip in your own city. Big thanks to Torey Kish, Scott Marceau and Brandon Galosi as well as Edwin and Hoder for having out and riding with us.

Terrell Gordy was on the trip with us from Props and put together great edits from the trip. The whole thing turned into a three part series, the first two are online now and the third should be up soon. You can check them on the Props site here – Part 1 & Part 2.

The following photos are a mix of riding photos, snap shots and some iPhone stuff. There’s more pics from the Boston leg due to the fact that I was filming more when we were in NY. All in all, the trip was amazing and I had a great time with everyone on the MacNeil team -Dillon Lloyd, Greg Flag, Chris Silva, Chris Martindale and Taylor Elvy, who was new to the team and survived through his first trip! Hope you enjoy the photos and keep a look out for the third video on Props!


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Macneil-Greg Flag Welcome Edit

Macneil announced that Greg Flag is now a part of the team, and released this introductory edit at the same time. According to the news entry, this whole thing was filmed over the course of two evenings in Montreal, and it’s scary good. Check it out after the jump; you don’t want to miss this one.