Jon Edwards

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Jon Edwards who’s a freelance graphic designer out of the UK and has done a bunch of work for Proper Bikes, just updated his portfolio.

Check it out here.

Andy Chung

andy chung neighborhood typeface

My friend Andy Chung, a designer who interned for me at MacNeil last year, just graduated college from Emily Carr and finished up his new portfolio site! For his graduation project, Andy designed a typeface called Neighborhood, that he published on his site as a free download… and it has been going crazy on the internet! The typeface has ended up on all the major design sites and it’s rad to see Andy getting all the links! Neighborhood is extremely complete, really well done, and it’s definitely worth a download. I love all of his other projects and I’m especially into the whole menu system on his site.

Check out more of Andy’s work after the jump – READ MORE



Wow. I enjoyed looking through Mark Weaver’s stuff so much, especially his personal work.

Check out some rad graphic design HERE.


Diftype Graphic Design

Jimmy from Eject BMX sent me a link to Diftype, an amazing graphic and motion designer out of Sweden.


C100 Studio

C100 Studio Graphic Design

C100 is a design studio out of Munich, Germany that I’ve had in my bookmarks for a long time. They have an awesome range of work and recently updated their website with a bunch of new projects that are definitely worth checking out!


Trevor Jackson


Check out some amazing design work from Trevor Jackson (via @atrak).



Suprb Design

Check out some amazing design and web-development work from Suprb –

Nemo Design


Andrew and I have been spending the last few days at Nemo Design in Portland working on some Defgrip Originals. Nemo is a design studio that goes way beyond what you would expect from a creative agency. The feature we are working on will give you lots of insight inside their agency, but for now, you should definitely check out their websites… Oh yeah, Mark Lewman works here!

NemoHQ (design), Studio Nemo (photography), Pamplemoose (music blog), Social Cache (creative blog), and Twitter.

Hello Monday

Hello Monday Interactive Design

Check out some awesome design work from Hello Monday. I know I bash Flash sites a lot, but I’m really feeling the layout and functionality of the Hello Monday site. (via QBN)

Check out Hello Monday here.

Eric Elms Interview

adorn-eric-elms interview

Hypebeast posted an interview with graphic designer Eric Elms that is definitely worth a read. Eric Elms has done tons of great streetwear work starting out interning for Shepard Fairy at Obey when he was real young to now having a serious client list and doing solo shows at places like Collette. I’m real stoked on all of Eric’s work and I’m loving the office photos they used for his interview.

Check out Eric Elms on Hypebeast here.


Hort nike witness poster

Check out these rad posters from Hort. Hort is “a multi-disciplinary creative hub. Not just a studio space, but an institution devoted to making ideas come to life.” Along with these posters, they have a very large archive of very original work.


Steven Knodel

Steven Knodel

Check out some rad design work from Steven Knodel.


Dust La Rock

Dust La Rock

Joshua Prince aka Dust La Rock is a Brooklyn based designer who is the illustrating fource behind Fools Gold Record.

Check out some of his work after the jump – READ MORE

New Math


New Math is a project by Craig Damrauer that I cam across on the Build Blog. I found the project very amusing and I really loved the simplicity of the whole thing. My favorite has to be the Modern Art one that’s above… How many times have you heard people say stuff like “I could splatter paint on a cavas, what’s the big deal” haha…

Check out New Math here and continue some of my favorites – READ MORE

Adi Gilbert Interview

Adi Gilbert Interview

Adi Gilbert, the designer in charge of a bunch of the design work for Profile Racing has a rad interview up in the Profile site. Along with the Profile stuff, Adi also runs 2and8 clothing.

Check out the interview here.