Our friends over at C100 have a new website up with a lot of great work. Check it out!

Tom Grunwald

Tom Grunwald just launched a new portfolio site with a bunch of great work he’s done for Animal as well as a bunch of other great graphics. Keep reading to see more of Tom’s work and check out his new site here!


This Is How Design Works

A great site dedicated to startups and how design works. startupsthisishowdesignworks.com

Interview: Clou Studio

Travis Collier and his friend Ryan Romero have started their own creative studio called Clou and we got together with them to talk about their studio, design, and their home town of Vancouver . Keep reading to check it out!


Clou Studio

This post is long overdue, but Travis Collier and his friend Ryan Romero started their own design agency a while back called CLOU and they were hired to do all the creative direction for The Cheaper Show, a huge art show in Vancouver. The video after the jump documents the process of printing the book for the show and has a great interview with Travis and Ryan. Check it out!


Albin Holmqvist

Check out a great series of typographic treatments based on cities around the world from designer Albin Holmqvist.



If you are like me, you’ll enjoy browsing through this tumblr full of old letterheads. I’ve seen a few on random sites, but it’s rad to see them all in one place… Check them out here and keep reading to see a few of my favorites.


Marc Atlan

Besides having a semi-frustrating flash site, I had a great time browsing through designer, Marc Atlan’s new website. Filled with a bunch of new work, as well as plenty of great archived content. I love the simplicity of Atlan’s work and I’m always inspired when I see his stuff… Especially what he’s done for Helmut Lang and Comme des Garcons.


Javas Lehn

Javas Lehn is a designer and one of my best friends who I met while we were both working at Superbig Creative in Seattle. Out of coincidence, Javas and I ended up quitting Superbig on the same day. I moved to Vancouver to work for MacNeil and Javas went to work for Hornell Anderson in Seattle. Over the past few years, Javas has got to work on some amazing projects at Hornell, including all the work for the Starbucks VIA packaging and a re-brand for Mammoth Mountain. In another random turn of event’s Javas and I are both going to be taking another big step in our lives at the same time. We are both moving to New York in the next few months (yes, you heard it right, I’m moving to New York). To get ready for the move and look for work in New York, Javas has launched a new portfolio site with a nice edited selection of work, as well as some really impressive photography. You can check out Javas’ site here – javaslehn.com as well as his Tumblr and Flickr!


Kyle Tolley

Check out some great minimalist design work from Kyle Tolley.


We Are Build

Build, the London based design studio of Michael C. Place has updated with a new website and a bunch of new work. Build has been one of my favorite designers for years and I always enjoy digging through his work.


Elwood Ruffle

Elwood, the graphic designer behind Federal and Seventies just updated his portfolio. He’s got a bunch of great work in there, so check it out!


OMFG Co. is a design studio based out of Portland, OR with a very impressive portfolio. Made up of three guys who used to work for The Ace Hotel and Wieden + Kennedy, they have some really great print work for clients like The Ace and Stumptown Coffee.


Erick Anthony Hamline

My friend Javas Lehn sent me a link to Erick Anthony Hamline’s site the other day. I browsed through a few project and was very impress, but as I went through his whole site tonight, I came across a Team Dilly poster that we had on Defgrip last year. How random! Anyway, Erick’s design work is amazing and he has some really great posters and inspiring letterpress pieces.


Caleb Everitt Design

Our good friend Caleb Everitt has updated his portfolio with a slew of amazing new design work! Keeping the site very simple, everything is displayed on a single page letting his work for clients like Mutiny, Hufnagle, and MTV take center stage.

*UPDATE* Check out our previous Q&A with Caleb HERE.