Vintage Porsche Posters

vintage porsche posters

Grain Edit has a rad collection of vintage Porsche posters from the 60’s and 70’s on their site. I could definitely live with any one of these poster blown up huge in my house, the only problem would pick picking one…

Check out the Porsche posters on Grain Edit.


With Twitter reaching critical mass, I’m sure someone will be into this.

Grain Edit put together a list of 50+ of their favorite designers on Twitter. Check that out HERE.

And check me out HERE if you want to get your follow on.

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Grain Edit is a site that I’ve bookmarked recently, which is a nice illustration based blog. They focus on design work from the 50’s to the 70’s, as well as current designers who have similar styles to that time period.

They are also having a contest right now where you can win some sweet stuff, fairly easily. Check that out HERE.