Wallpaper: JEST


The story behind this wallpaper is pretty crazy. JEST is a graffiti artist from NYC, who was also part of famed New York shop/brand Alife. I mainly followed him for his writing though. Back in the 90’s, I would drive around all over NYC shooting photos of graffiti.

Fast forward to 2012… I Instagram a set of my old graffiti photos, JEST being one of them (bottom left). I tagged JEST and he ended up commenting and asking for a scan of the pic, which I provided. In turn, I took a shot in the dark and asked him if he would be into hooking up a wallpaper for Defgrip, and he did.

So basically, I shot a film photo in the Bronx during the mid 90’s, Instagram’d it in 2012 and end being in contact with one of the artists. Crazy.

Find your size below. Limited sizes, you get what you get.

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Revok is one of LA’s finest graffiti artists, definitely one of my favorites. The above photo was just posted on his site and it combines a new billboard, a sunset, traffic, the ocean and palm trees. Doesn’t get more LA.

I also just watched a new video of Revok speaking on a bunch of various subjects, which you can also check out below. It was put together by EIKNARF.

Via – Revok



You guys were pretty psyched on Luca Barcellona’s work that I posted a few weeks back, so I’m sure you are going to be into this “calligraffiti” done by Shoe! A bit more sloppy and free-flowing, Shoe has a great hand style and a serious collection of work.


Luca Barcellona

I have been a huge fan of calligraphy and hand drawn lettering for as long as I can remember. Even as a kid I would love to draw letters. Luca Barcellona hand style is amazing and I was drawn to his work via the video that you can check out after the jump. With a traditional calligraphy style that has clearly been influenced by graffiti (a perfect mix in my eyes), his work makes me want to ditch my computer and just draw letters for the rest of my life!


KR and Exit Magazine

KR posted about this issue of Exit magazine on his 12oz Prophet blog last February, but I didn’t come across it until today… I usually check out Exit on the newsstand as well, but haven’t come across this issue yet. None the less, the issue looks great and KR’s got some rad stuff in there including his signature drips on the cover.


Flickr Find: Ewok

Classic style right here! Ewok.

Via – Skill’m With Kindness

Cope2 / Revok

New York’s Cope 2 and Revok from Los Angeles (2 legends) recently got together for some painting in the Bronx. This thing was presented as a “battle”, but neither of these guys have anything to prove. This was all for fun.

Photographer Ruedione was on hand and has a good series of photos on his site from the day. Check those HERE. These photos are better than any video I’ve seen from this day.

Via – TWBE

Incase André Arkitip

incase arkitip andré curated by

Incase and Arkitip teamed up with famous Parisian artist André (who has become a fixture on the ever enticing Purply diary) for their fifth installment of the Curated By series. Together they created a screen printed iPhone slider case as well as a MacBook sleeve. Searing away from his signature pink André worked with red, blue and white pallet based off the Paris flag. As usual, Incase has produced an in depth page on their site, showcasing André’s work as well as a short video promoting the project.



The M.T.A “river” tag in Los Angeles is being buffed. This thing is unreal in person…

Anyway, I’m not going to sit here and champion graffiti in this case and I’m sure the state has it’s reasons for worrying about the L.A. “river”, but one would think that they could use the 3.7 million dollars a little more wisely right now. Right??

Watch the video, Let me know what you guys think….

New Stussy Website


Stussy just launched a new website and have an incredible video feature on photographer Jon Naar.

Check it all out here – stussy.com



I love Augor’s stuff. Click the pic for a bigger view.

Via – kzergabegallery


This looks like a quick driving shot, and it’s not as crazy as some others, but anything this good on a billboard is nuts. Click below to view the whole thing.

Courtesy of KiiD G@B3.



Click below to check out this fresh (painted this weekend) new billboard by Augor and Pharoe.

Photo is courtesy of KiiD G@B3. Check out more photos on his Flickr page HERE.



Vinnie Sammon sent this video through.


“A 50-something year-old woman by the name of Patty Mayo sent out a desperate plea over YouTube. Her cries echoed through cyber space, receiving over 8,000 hits in just 2 days. Her wish was simple: for her favorite graffiti artist, Rime aka Jersey Joe, to paint a peeing dog on the side of her trailer.”

This is definitely pretty bizarre.

Be sure to check out the Art of Storytelling site too, where you can re-peep the POP OFF mini vid.


I just read THIS ARTICLE that talks about another raid on graffiti writers-nothing really new there.

The article brings up the huge MTA riverbed “tag” (seen above), and goes on to talk about the charges etc…

The best/insane part that stood out to me was this line:
“The Army Corps of Engineers estimates that removing the “MTA” tag from the riverbed alone will cost $3.7 million”.

Now… I’ve seen this thing, I’ve been there and took the photo above. I understand the pros and cons on the argument of graffiti, but I really hope they find a better use for that 3.7 Million. That’s a lot of money that can probably be appropriated better. We’ll see.