Cody Haltom / Gourdough’s

Seeing as Austin, TX is a big BMX town, chances are that some of you have been to Gourdough’s and experienced their over the top donuts. I myself have gone there each time I’ve been to to Austin, and highly recommend it if you have a sweet tooth and feel the need to pig out late at night. I knew the place was serious when I was looking over the menu and noticed “add $1 for meat”.

Gourdough’s is housed in an airstream on the side of road, and has some simple yet nice design (see above). Funnily enough, I was browsing Yewknee and came across Cody Haltom, who is the person responsible for the Gourdough’s branding. Sweet ! (no pun intended).

Check out Cody Haltom’s work HERE.