Glenn PP Milligan X Brooklyn Projects

If you’re a fan of slow-mo sneaker porn, than this is for you! Glenn put together this shoe promo for his boys at Brooklyn Projects, who have a BP Nike shoe dropping soon. Get in line.

Ralphy Ramos Base Brooklyn Edit

A bit late on this, but it had to be posted. Ralphy Ramos killing it for his Base Brooklyn edit. Filmed by John Hicks and myself and edited by Glenn PP Milligan, Ralphy has some banger clips from NYC, Barcelona, and the Dominican Republic.


Haha, this is nuts. Glen PP Milligan just sent this through. Mad respect to dudes doing wheelies on the highway. I just had crazy flashbacks after watching this.

From Glenn:

A few years ago I produced a four wheeler DVD. One of the segments featured people who ride 4 wheelers in NYC. I always wanted to re-edit the section with a better track. So here it is. It was all filmed on a SONY DVX2100, BOLEX 16mm and a really crappy mic. This is real street riding and these dudes are crazy.


Random Twitvid: Ryan Biz Jordan

First try! – via @glennppmilligan

Big Big BMX Show #3

The third installment of Glenn PP Milligan’s Big Big BMX Show has just been posted on Vita. If you haven’t checked it out, It’s essentially a news show, recapping what’s going on in BMX… I’ve been digging Glen’s show and the little intro in this one is pretty funny… It’s also pretty funny to see how wasted Travis Collier is in one of his interviews…

Check the show out after the jump as well as the first and second show. Make sure to watch the first episode for a pretty funny edit of our interviews with Cory Nastazio.



Click below for a video re-cap of the Lightning Bolts event that Glenn PP Milligan put together.