Freunde von Freunden

If you are into interior design or websites like The Selby, then you should check out Freunde von Freunden, a German based site that takes a look into peoples homes, studios, work spaces, etc. There are interviews that go along with each photo story, but most of them are in German. Check out the site and keep reading to see a few images from the latest post with Berlin Illustrator, Olaf Hajek.


Nike Standby: Germany Edit

When I first got the email about this, I totally ignored it thinking it was another promo for the recent BCN PRO thing. Totally Confused. Thanks to Will Smyth for the followup.

However, here is the breakdown:
As part of the BCN BMX PRO The Nike 6.0 Standby Barcelona competition saw 5 countries go head to head to shoot the best street film in Barcelona within an allotted time. Countries included France, Germany, UK, USA and Spain. Each team was made up of one lead director, one filmer and four riders. All of the countries had just one week to film and edit their entire section in a bid to bag the overall prize of €10,000

Click below to check out 5th place, Germany. Featuring Stefan Lantschner, Bruno Hoffman, Marc Remmert and Jan Beckman.


People’s Store Video


Germany’s People’s Store just released their first full length video on Vimeo. I’m digging all their titles and it’s pretty rad they put the full 30min video online. Check it out after the jump.


C100 Studio

C100 Studio Graphic Design

C100 is a design studio out of Munich, Germany that I’ve had in my bookmarks for a long time. They have an awesome range of work and recently updated their website with a bunch of new projects that are definitely worth checking out!