Quintin Imprint Project tees

Quintin has released five tee shirts featuring the photographs of the five guys featured in the Quintin / Defgrip Imprint Project shows.

Pictured above is the Jeff Zielinski tee. Click below to see the tees featuring photos by Edwin DeLarosa, Walter Pieringer, Ricky Adam and George Marshall. Better yet, check them out in the Quintin online store.


Defgrip / Quintin Imprint Project – Venice

The Quintin Imprint Project‘s first stop went down in Venice a couple of days ago at the DTA shop. Check out some more photos here, the video here.

Thanks Edwin DeLarosa, George Marshall, Jeff Z, Walter Pieringer, Ricky Adam, Quintin, DTA, and everyone who came and drank Tecates!

Come see installment #2 at the Toast Jam.

The Albion Launch Party

The official launch party for The Albion was last week and we have a bunch of photos from the launch by Tom Kirby from Breaks of 10, as well as a few film snaps from George Marshall. Check em out! Big thanks to Tom and George for the photos. If you are looking to pick up the mag, it’s free in the UK and if you are outside of the UK you can get it by subscribing via their site!


Photogallery: George Marshall

George Marshall sent through an assortment of photos from last year, the majority of which haven’t been published. Good stuff.

Click below to check them out.


Photogallery: Carhartt Dub Jam 2010

George Marshall hooked up some photos from last weeks Carhartt Dub Jam in London.

According to George:

About 500+ riders turned up from all around the UK and we spent a day in West London dodging the rain and getting chased by the police.

Click below to check out some photos from the day. Thanks George!


Photogallery: Faces of NASS

George Marshall hooked up a bunch of portraits from the recent NASS Festival that went down in the UK, as well as a few riding shots for good measure.

From George:
The Relentless NASS festival is a 3 day weekend of teenage hormone fueled bmx competitions and music. Here’s the faces of English youth and action from the weekend.

Click below to check them out.


George Marshall

Photographer George Marshall has re-done his website, which you can check out HERE.

You can also find more goodies on his Flickr.

London Street Jam Photos

dub bmx carhartt 2009 london street jam photos

The Dub BMX/Carhartt street jam went down in conjunction with the Bicycle Film Festival in London in the end of September and George Marshall sent over a selection of amazing photos from the jam. With over 300 people riding the streets of London, George documented the Jam with a great mix of riding and lifestyle photos.

Check out all the images after the jump! – READ MORE


Check out a quick Q&A with UK photographer George Marshall HERE.

Be sure to click through George’s site too.