Nigel Sylvester – Perfect Moment

Here’s Nigel Sylvester’s latest Gatorade commercial, which was masterfully put together by our boy Harrison Boyce.

Click below to check out some behind the scenes pics from the shoot.


Nigel All Day: Bay Area

Here’s Nigel in the Bay Area for his All Day Sessions series. Click below to check it out.


Nigel Collab Case

By now I’m sure a lot of you have seen images of Nigel’s collab case that he put together with Animal, Gatorade, New Era, G-Shock, and Skullcandy. The project was built around the release of Nigel’s new seat with Animal. We were lucky enough to get one and just wanted to post some photos to share with everyone as well as give a huge congrats and thanks to Nigel!

The case comes with Nigel’s new seat, a New Era/Animal/Nigel hat, A G-Shock, a pair of Skullcandy ear buds, and the most impressive element of the project… a signature Gatorade bottle… The bottle was produced in a limited run of 500, so if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one I suggest you keep it on ice… and I don’t mean in the freezer…

Again, big thanks to Nigel and all the brands involved in this project and keep reading to check out more photos.


Nigel All Day Sessions: Miami

The first video of the Gatorade All Day Sessions with Nigel Sylvester just dropped this morning. The first video follows Nigel and Ralphy Ramos around Miami and South Beach from morning till night hitting spots and meeting with with Tyga in the studio. Check it out!


All Day Sessions with Nigel

Nigel and Gatorade are back with a new video series for the summer. This year Nigel and Ralphy Ramos headed to Miami and New Orleans to ride and get clips for three edits that will drop starting June 1st. The trailer just went online yesterday and you can check it out after the jump.


Photogallery: Nigel Sylvester in Tokyo

Gatorade and Nigel Sylvester put together a trip to Tokyo as part of their Go All Day theme. The idea behind the trip was to ride all over Tokyo and have Gatorade monitor everything from our hydration levels to the distance we rode to learn more about BMX, and what our bodies go though on a typical day of riding. Because of the weather, security, and bike problems, we didn’t get to ride as much as we planned, but we still had an amazing time. I posted a video from the trip a few weeks back and if you missed it, you can check it out here.

Once we got back from the trip, Gatorade sent over a pdf with all the info they collected while we were riding… I don’t really quite understand everything they sent over, but what I do understand is pretty interesting… and since I have all the info, I might as well let you guys check it out, so keep reading to check out all the photos and all the info.


Nigel Sylvester in Japan

Gatorade has spent many years researching and understanding what goes on in traditional athletes bodies when they are doing their sports. Whether it be hydration levels or information about how their body reacts to the most intense moments, Gatorade and their sport scientists have a pretty good idea about what’s going on with—like I said—their traditional athletes… Action sports on the other hand, that’s a totally different story.

This year, Gatorade’s theme is “Go All Day.” In celebrating that theme, Gatorade wanted to start doing research on the non-traditional sports like BMX, so they hit up Nigel Sylvester, who rides for Gatorade and asked him a pretty crazy question: If you could go anywhere in the world to ride bikes with his friends, where would you go? That’s a very heavy question to ask someone, even Nigel… so after lots of research and different ideas being thrown around, Japan was chosen as the destination! With it’s huge city, amazing architecture, and lots of un-tapped spots, Japan would be the perfect location.

To document the trip, Gatorade invited a few key BMX media outlets, including Defgrip, to go along for the ride. The video you are about to watch documents the trip from the riding and research, to the culture and adventures and to coincide with the video, we will have a photo gallery with a more detailed story going up next week!

Huge thanks to Nigel and Gatorade for putting this trip together and we hope you enjoy the video!


Nigel In Phoenix

Gatorade has a rad new site up for Nigel, with a bunch of photos and video from a trip to Phoenix. You can check out some photos and a video after the jump, but make sure to check for a bunch more photos and video from the trip!


Nigel Sylvester: The Afternoon Episode

Here’s the final episode of the Go All Day series with Nigel Sylvester. The Afternoon Episode.

Click below to check it out.



Nigel Sylvester: The Morning Episode

Click below to check out the 2nd installment of Nigel’s Go All Day series produced by Glenn PP.

This one is the Morning Episode and Tyrone makes guest appearance.


Nigel Sylvester Go All Day part 1

The first video out of a three part series with Nigel Sylvester and Gatorade went live today. The first video is really dope and I’m excited to see the rest of the series. Cruising around NY with your friends, partying with hot girls, and helicopters. That’s what’s up!


Nigel Sylvester – Because I Grind

nigel sylvester because i grind gatorade tour

The final product of the ‘Because I Grind’ series that we got to preview in Vegas is online in its entirety! Because I Grind was a tour that Gatorade and Nigel Sylvester put together where Nigel traveled around with a few of his friends stopping in Atlanta, Miami, Oceanside and Las Vegas to ride and hang with local riders. There are four videos documenting the trip and the soundtrack was actually created for Nigel by famed producer The Alchemist!

Not only did The Alchemist produce the soundtrack, there is also a mixtape you can download that was put together by Mick Boogie for Because I Grind. Make sure to continue reading so you can check out all four episodes from the tour!


Dinner with Nigel and Gatorade

nigel sylvester gatorade dinner nobu

Right before Nuno, Andrew and I headed to Vegas for Interbike, we got an email from Amy at Fuse Marketing inviting us to a dinner at Nobu with Nigel Sylvester and some of the guys from Gatorade. The dinner was to celebrate Nigle’s new videos series with Gatorade “Because I Grind”. Unfortunately Nuno had prior plans that night, but Andrew and I headed to Nobu and had an amazing night!

At the dinner was Glenn PP and Mark Losey, who worked on the series with Nigel, Lauren and Kenny from Gatorade, Amy from Fuse, Frank 151, Maestro Knows, and Jeff Carvalho from Highsnob/Selectism! In addition to an amazing dinner with some great people, we got to see a preview of the Because I Grind series and they also hooked everyone up with an iPod touch loaded up with the whole series!! After the dinner we all piled into some hried Escelades and headed to the House of Blues for the NORA cup!

Huge thanks to Nigel for being awesome, Lauren and Kenny from Gatorade and Amy for inviting us to the dinner! The Because I Grind series drops on October 12th, so keep a look out for the videos on Defgrip and check out some photos from the night after the jump!



Click below to check out the latest Gatorade/Nigel Sylvester video.

Thanks to Navaz for the link.



Nigel sent through this flyer for the upcoming Gatorade tour, which also features Ratkid and Dave Belcher.

Click below for that.