As Vans BMX global TM, Colin Mackay is no stranger to travel and being around rad people. Luckily he has a camera in tow. A quick look through his IG, and you can tell that Colin deserves some shine time for his pics.

With that said, we hit up Colin to see if he’d be down to share some of his favorite pics from along the way along with their backstory. He was down.

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Vans X Odyssey – Road To Nowhere

Full disclosure: I work at Odyssey, had a hand in these and I love Vans… of course I’m gonna post this. Whachuthink. Plus… Sexton, Gary Young, Jacob Cable and Travis Hughes.

Swoop up some Vans X Odyssey shoes, make your feets look better.

Gary Fucking Young

Sunday Goes To Idaho and Montana

What happens when Gary Young, Alex Magallan and Chris Childs venture into Idaho and Montana? This!

Print Ad: Odyssey / Texas Toast Jam

gary young, odyssey bmx, texas toast jam, print ad

Together We Shred.


By The Numbers: Gary Young

gary young, bmx, by the numbers, defgrip, interview

We’ve written down 100 random questions and assorted topics, all of which are unbeknownst to our victims. We will be asking people to pick 20 random numbers from 1-100 and then supplying them with those questions/topics to answer. Who knows what might come up!?!?!

Up next, recent and San Diego”s own Gary Young.


On This Date Last Year…

We premiered the Odyssey Palm Springs trip edit.

Riders Ready, watch the lights…

Here’s a fun clip of Nasty, Scotty Cranmer and Gary Young chopping it up on the race track. Includes some aggressive berm action and some classic high-lows.

Thanks Kosman!

Disposed + ODSY VISION


Gary Young, George Boyd, Justin Simpson and Jim Bauer recently took an Odyssey trip to New Mexico to tackle some rails with Jeff Z for a Ride article. Sean Sexton was on hand too, but got hurt early on the trip unfortunately.

Watch the edit above and check out a Disposed feature from the trip by clicking below.


Ride BMX #177

With G-Man (Gary Young) on the front.

More info HERE.

ODSY-VISION: SD Crew Road Trip

Gary Young, Dirt Ron, Kyle Hart, Tom Perry & Hoang Tran get rad between Southern California & Oregon.



Gary Young. Hell Yeah!!

Rust Heap

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My buddy Tim approached me like 1.5 years ago to create a cool looking bike to display at his shop UNIV in Encinitas. I made very lazy progress, enlisting the help of friends whenever the thought crossed my mind… a seat cover here, a headtube badge there, until we were done. All my favorite companies contributed (see who after the jump) among which was our friend Matt at The Laboratory who handcrafted a multi-layered textured paint finish that looks exactly like something that just spent a few decades at the bottom of the ocean.

In the end though, it’s just a BMX bike so Jim and I took a morning drive down to UNIV to test it out on the world’s smallest quarterpipe. Click below to see all the photos and read UNIV’s press release.


Tom Perry @ Random


Sunday! Australia Tour Edit

Here’s an edit from Sunday’s recent trip to Australia, featuring Alex Magallan, Jake Seeley, Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Tom Arkus and Jim C.

Click below. Enjoy!