Jonny Clarke (aka- resident Eastside Trails photographer) provides a glimpse into the radness and sadness of these gnarly trails in Austin, TX. Lots of hard work, dedicated locals, great sessions, but also epic flooding (hence the sadness part).

Click below for the gallery and shoutout to Jonny for putting this together. Be sure to check out his site for more of his work.



Photographer Vince Perraud is no stranger to Defgrip. He has been featured on the site numerous times and has provided a bunch of great photo galleries over the years. Go HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE for a few things.

As of late, Vince’s photography is evolving and his subject matter and images are varied. Murphy Moschetta cited Vince as a favorite photographer in his Q&A above, saying – “Vince Perraud ( bikes or not, he finds the best light!)”. This triggered an idea in my head, so I approached Vince about contributing a gallery of non-BMX images using cool light as a general theme/vibe. And here we are.

Click below for the pics.


Photogallery: Simple Session ’15

defgrip, simple session, 2015, gallery, vince perraud  photo, alex kennedy

Another Simple Session is in the books. Hopefully you caught the live feed over the weekend (or even just glanced at Instagram) for all the happenings. As in previous years, our friend Vince Perraud was lurking around the event and captured some great moments once again. Vince does a great job of capturing a little bit of everything around this event. Click below to check that out.

Shoutout to Risto, everyone at Simple and Vince Perraud.


Photogallery: Sosh Urban Motion

The Sosh Urban Motion project/contest is a wrap and above you can check out the 1st through 3rd place edits which feature Alex Kennedy/Richard Forne, Alex Donnachie/Peter Adam and Maxime Charveron/Thibaut Grevet. Pretty awesome, considering the premise was to film an edit using only an iPhone.

In addition, Hadrien Picard came through with a sweet photogallery from the making of these. Read his intro below, then click to check out the pics.

From Hadrien:
Just a month ago, 7 teams from France & UK of one rider/one filmer were invited in Paris for the 2nd edition of the Sosh Urban Motion. They had a week to produce a clip & I’m sure everyone will agree that it was an awesome time.

We saw some of the best riders & filmers creating some amazing clips, only in a couple of days, only with a smartphone…

I was there to organize the contest with Yann Colignon but I also had the chance to follow the teams and take some pictures.

A huge thanks to Sosh & all the teams. You rule.



This Los Angeles Video

Jordan Malama from Say Mayday hit me up with a link to a promo video they put together for the first opening of This Los Angeles. We posted about the show last week, so check out all the info here and keep reading to see the video!




If you want to waste a few hours of your life looking at amazing photograph, check out M+B LA. With photography by people ranging from Hunter S. Thompson to Mike Brody, there’s an endless supply of breathtaking images.